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Shivagya answered on Apr 15 2020
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Supplychain Management
1. Jelly Belly
The process followed at jelly belly is a continuous batch process, in which the bean mix is first made from a mix of sugar, water, corn starch and corn syrup. This is then fed into tray, each capable of accommodating 1,260 jellybeans per tray. The beans are then fed into a series of machines to develop the bean centre and then the covering layer in different batches which are later shipped for distribution. Nearly the entire process is automated and only minimal human touch is required.
2. Beach Beat Surfboards
The method of manufacturing used is handcrafting of the machine cut ‘blanks’ or pieces of foam. The entire method of shaping, finishing, spraying, addition of decals and glass fi
e are done by hand.
3. BMW manufacturing
BMW like nearly all car manufacturers follows an assembly line method to their manufacturing process in which the chassis of the car moves on an assembly line where all the parts are added/affixed...

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