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OverviewComplete an analysis of Southwest. Assess the organizational layout, performance metrics, and the technology that is used to measure performance and connect with consumers.InstructionsUsing...

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Complete an analysis of Southwest. Assess the organizational layout, performance metrics, and the technology that is used to measure performance and connect with consumers.


Using the Southwest case study, write a 6–7 page paper in which you:

  1. Evaluate Southwest's operations strategy and explain how the organization seeks to gain a competitive advantage in terms of sustainability.

  2. Analyze how operation management activities affect the customer experience. Select two operation management challenges and provide the solutions for confronting them.

  3. Examine Southwest's value chain and evaluate its effectiveness to operations in terms of quality, value creation, and customer satisfaction.

  4. Determine the different types of performance measurements that can be used to measure Southwest's service-delivery system design. Select at least two types that can be applied and provide justifications for the selection.

  5. Examine the different types of technologies applied to Southwest's service operations and evaluate how the technologies strengthen the value chain.

  6. Use at least two quality resources in this assignment that do not include the initial case study. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources.

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Parul answered on May 08 2023
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Southwest Airlines is a low-cost airline that has been in business for over four decades and is now one of the largest airlines in the world. Southwest Ca
iers has had the option to make this progress by executing a one of a kind tasks procedure, which has assisted it with acquiring an upper hand over different ca
This paper examines Southwest's operations strategy and explains how the company aims to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Since it involves planning, organizing, and controlling resources to achieve organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner, operations management is an essential function in any organization (Cetinkaya, Eksioglu, & Topcu, 2021, p. 2984). In the help business, like ca
iers, lodgings, and eateries, the client experience is an essential calculate making progress. In this manner, tasks the executives exercises assume a critical part in improving the client experience. This paper will address two operational management issues and examine how operations management activities affect the customer experience. Since its inception in 1971, Southwest Airlines has been a low-cost airline. The ca
ier has a one of a kind plan of action that has empowered it to stay productive and cutthroat in the ca
ier business. This paper will look at Southwest's value chain, how effective it is in terms of quality, value creation, and customer satisfaction, what kinds of performance measurements can be used to measure the design of Southwest's service delivery system, and what kinds of technologies are used in Southwest's service operations and how they strengthen the chain (Cetinkaya, Eksioglu, & Topcu, 2021, p. 2984).
Evaluate Southwest's Operations Strategy
The Unique Operations Strategy of Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines has a distinctive operations strategy that focuses on three main areas: efficient and dependable operations, high-quality customer service, and low operating costs The airline has been able to successfully implement this strategy, giving it a competitive advantage over other airlines in the industry (Gao, Yan, & Kühne, 2021).
Minimal expense Activities
Southwest Ca
iers has forever been centered around diminishing its expenses, which
ings permitted it to the table low passages to its clients. Using a point-to-point system, the airline is able to accomplish this by flying nonstop between cities without the need for connecting flights. Because of this, operations take less time and cost less, which lowers the airline's costs. Additionally, Southwest Airlines has invested in fuel-efficient aircraft, resulting in significant savings on fuel costs. Additionally, the airline makes use of a single aircraft model, the Boeing 737, which enables it to cut costs associated with inventory, training, and maintenance (Gao, Yan, & Kühne, 2021).
Niche Clientele and Strong Customer Relationship
Southwest Ca
iers is known for its top notch client support, which has assisted it with acquiring a reliable client base. Employees at the airline are given the authority to make decisions that are in the best interest of customers and are trained to provide excellent customer service. The airline has been able to differentiate itself from other low-cost ca
iers that frequently provide subpar customer service as a result of this (Swart & Liao, 2021). Efficient and Reliable Operations Southwest Airlines has also invested in operations that are both effective and dependable, which has helped the airline reduce the number of times it has to cancel flights. The point-to-point system used by the airline cuts down on both time and money spent on operations. The airline also makes use of a rapid turnaround system, which enables it to quickly turn around its aircraft, thereby reducing the amount of time it spends on the ground and increasing its productivity (Swart & Liao, 2021).
Strategy for Sustainability Southwest Airlines has also implemented a sustainability strategy that focuses on minimizing its impact on the environment and promoting environmentally responsible aviation practices. The aircraft's supportability system is based on three key regions: investing in renewable energy, promoting environmentally friendly aviation practices, and lowering its ca
on footprint.
Analysis of how operation management activities affect the customer experience
Southwest Airlines has set a goal of lowering its ca
on footprint by 20% by the year 2025. The airline is on track to achieve this objective and has already made significant progress toward it. The airline has invested in fuel-efficient aircraft that produce less ca
on dioxide than older aircraft in order to reduce its ca
on footprint. Additionally, the airline has implemented a number of operational...

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