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For question b I need may be 3 recommendations. I will send an example of recommendations in the chat

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Intelligent Tinkerers Technologies, Inc. is a diversified international conglomerate. Two of its headquarters’ departments overseeing
overseas operations have very similar photocopying needs and are located in adjacent office s
pace. Both are getting ready to replace the
aging photocopiers in their separate copying rooms. The options available to them are:
Option 1: Buy two new model X copiers and operate them in separate, independent copying rooms each dedicated to one department.
Option 2: Buy two model X copiers and operate them in a joint copying room, which serves both departments.
Option 3: Buy one new model Y copier with the exact same features as the model X, but with twice the speed and operate it in a joint
copying room.
During discussions between the two departments, some concerns have been expressed about the responsiveness of a busy copying
oom serving twice as many customers. You are asked to apply queuing analysis to provide additional input into the purchasing decision.
In your analysis you may assume that each department generates copying jobs at a rate of 9 per hour, and that the time to complete a
job averages 6 minutes on the model X and 3 minutes on the model Y. You may assume that the coefficient of variation of the time
etween a
ivals and the service times are both 1, i.e., CV, = 1 and CVp=1.
(a) Evaluate the average flow time of jobs under these three options? (
Flow time includes waiting time as well as processing time)
(b) What other factors you would consider in determining between these three options.
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Recommendations         2
Table of Contents
Recommendations    3
Opting for a Joint Copying Room with Model Y Copier    3
Evaluate long term Scalability and Compatibility    3
Conducting User Experience, Survey and Trainings    4
The recommendation are as follows:
Opting for a Joint Copying Room with Model Y Copie
Based on the analysis, it is recommended that Intelligent includes technologies. Incorporation must consider adopting option three, which involves purchasing a single model Y copier and operating it in a joint copying room. The Model Y copiers are double speed compared to Model X offers a clear advantage in efficiency, reducing the average job completion time from six minutes to 3 minutes. Improvement combined with the shared resources of a joint room could significantly enhance overall...

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