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Hi this assignment is a group work. unit name is socially responsible supply chain and Topic of my presentation is Unethical behaviour.i need to submit 3-4 slides for my group work. Also note that few...

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Socially Responsible Supply Chains
Oral Presentation
Assessment 3 – Assessment 3 is a group presentation where each group member has to present on the given topic. Each group can select a lecture topic for the presentation. MY TOPIC IS UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR IN socially responsible supply chain. Also include UN SDG goals for unethical behaviour.
Focus on the following unit learning outcomes for this assessment:
· Critically appraise the value of socially responsible supply chains to human, community, and societal welfare, including humanitarian aid and disaster response supply chains
· Assess the need for sustainable supply chains in terms of social, ethical, environmental, human/community sustainability, UN SDG goals and decent work
· Critically analyse the concept of circular economy and closed loop supply chains and eco-friendly supply chain systems and processes
Please submit slides before your presentation through the Blackboard link. One submission per group.
Each student will be assessed individually for their presentation. Each student’s presentation should be not more than 4 – 5 minutes (4 – 5 slides). Please follow the time strictly. All students are required to work equally on the assignment. A peer review form will be provided. Please submit this form to your tuto
lecturer if required.     
References: A good presentation will consist of a minimum of 5 academic in-text references. (Please also present the reference list on the final slide of your presentation.)
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Slide 1
Unethical Behavior in Socially Responsible Supply Chains and Its Impact on UN SDG Goals
Welcome and introduce the topic: "Unethical Behavior in Socially Responsible Supply Chains."
The significance of socially responsible supply chains for human, community, and societal welfare.
The importance of addressing unethical behavior within these supply chains.
Today, we begin a critical examination of "Unethical Behavior in Socially Responsible Supply Chains," a subject that is very relevant to our global society. We are going to dig into the complex web of supply chain activities, looking at how they may either promote or detract from the wellbeing of individuals, groups, and society.
In essence, socially conscious supply chains signify a dedication to moral, sustainable, and responsible business operations. They are crucial in determining how people, communities, and society as a whole are affected. They have the capacity to build a society where everyone prospers by promoting fair labor practices, moral sourcing, and environmental sustainability. However, we face a significant obstacle in the shape of unethical activity within the context of these socially responsible supply chains. We must immediately recognize and resolve this problem. The negative effects of unethical supply chains can also cause long-lasting harm to people and the environment. Examples include child labor, environmental destruction, human rights abuses, and co
uption. We must all recognize the seriousness of these problems and strive relentlessly to find answers.We will examine particular instances of unethical behavior, its repercussions, and how they interfere with our efforts to create a more equal, just, and sustainable society as we go more into the next slides. We appreciate you coming along with us on this exploration and comprehension trip.
Unethical Behavior in Socially Responsible Supply Chains
Unethical behavior within supply chains (e.g., child labor, environmental violations, human rights abuses, co
Examples of unethical behavior within supply chains.
Consequences of unethical behavior, including damage to reputation and legal implications.
The core foundations of ethical and sustainable business operations are threatened by unethical activity in supply chains for socially conscious companies. This unethical conduct can manifest itself in a number of ways, including child labor, environmental harm,
eaches of human rights, and co
For instance, child labor is using children as cheap labor while frequently placing them in dangerous situations and depriving them of an education and a chance at a better future. On the other hand, environmental infractions cover acts that endanger the environment, such as excessive pollution, resource overuse, and deforestation, which can result in long-term ecological damage. Unfair labor practices, discrimination, and even...

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