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This class name is Logistics of supply chain. You need to use AMPL software to create a model .MOD file and for DATA .DAT file for the provided questions in the document attached. NOTE- USE OF AMPL...

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Course - Logistics of supply chain
1) Generative, AI such as Chat GPT (https:, is THE topic at the moment, challenging almost every sector. Can AI replace humans and provide answers to advance questions? the topic of this class is no exception, as the AI can model using AMPL:
Use the generative AI to create an AMPL model for the following problem.
You are planning a bake sale to raise funds. You need to make at least AUD 100 to meet your goal, but it is okay if you make more. You plan to sell muffins and cookies by the dozen. The dozen muffins will sell for AUD 6, and the dozen cookies will sell for AUD $10. Based on sales from the previous year, you want to make at least 8 more bags of cookies than bags of muffins. The cookies require 1 cup of sugar and 3/4 cups of flour per dozen. The muffins require 1/2 cup of sugar and 3/2 cups of flour per dozen. You look into the cabinet and find that you have 13 cups of sugar and 11 cups of flour, with no plan to get more from the store. You also know that you can only bake one pan of a dozen muffins or one pan of a dozen cookies at a time. What is the fewest number of pans of muffins and cookies you can make and still expect to meet your financial goals if you sell all of your product?
You are asked to provide a model and data file.
Note: I used three requests to ChatGPT only; however, you might require more to experiment with the system. The final solution did run without a problem, this could be different for you and you might have to look for e
ors. Please contact Adrian or me if you have questions. Further, you need to check the output, if there is something you do not like, just ask ChatGPT to change. For example, the objective function was not co
ect for me, so I repeated my intended goal. You might have to add in your file the preamble (reset and option) as well as ensure you load the data. Give commands to get what you want, stay friendly!
In your report, please use screenshots and explanations of what you have done and what problems you discovered in achieving a result. If ChatGPT is not able to provide the final model, please explain what you had to change to get the final answer. Hint: The answer should be 10 pans of cookies, no muffins
2) You are in charge of a small production line for a small batch of two products requiring the same machines (laser cutter, assembly robot) for the custom manufacturing. The cut for the first product takes 1.5 min and 2 min for the second one. The assembly is faster with 1 min for product 1 and 0.75 min for the second. Due to time limitations, you can spend 50 min on the cutter, but only 24 min on the assembly robot. The profit on product 1 is $35 and on product 2 is $10. You have to produce at least 5 of product 2.
How many products are produced to maximize your profit? What is your maximize profit?
This assignment is about familiarizing yourself with AMPL software and get comfortable entering models that are split in a model and data file. Despite being a simple example, implement this small problem in AMPL using a model and data file. Most important in this task is:
a. ensure a full separation of model and data.
. useful names for all elements in the model.
c. comments to explain the model (all parts) and data. The comments should be written in a way that you are able to revisit the model/data in next few months and be able to familiarize yourself with the model in a short time.
d. solve the problem and report the results. Considering the solution, do you find the solution viable for the business to implement? Please argue the answer.

- x
File Edit Commands Window Help
fe EE
%. Cu
ent Direct..| = 8 || E Console EEO watertanks | [A watertanks_a.. X | [Fl watertanks_a.. | [Al watertanks a.. | “1a =
Bw of (5 | |AMPL reset;
| . option solver cplex;
CA\Users\Publid Downloads || 21 P P
Citrus09.dat.dat # These are my sets
trus09.mod.mod se :
pract.mod param param_profit {WATERTANKS};
practold.mod param max_resource {RESOURCES};
param param_resourke {WATERTANKS, RESOURCES};
# These are my decision variables
var x {WATERTANKS } >= 0;
# objective (max or min word)
maximize profit:
sum{i in WATERTANKS } param_profit[i] * x[i];
# constraint (subject to)
s.t. c_resources{j in RESOURCES} :
sum{i in WATERTANKS }
param_resource[ i, j ] * x[i] <= max_resource[j];
data watertanks_act_04_simple_resource.dat;
| Wiitable Insert [10:19:168
S88 © Type here to search

e 15°C Mostly sunny ~~ [EJ & <) ENG

4 AMPL IDE —- Xx
File Edit Commands Window Help
fe EE
%. Cu
ent Direct..| = EI || E Console 72 |B = 0 2 _watertanks | [ll watertanks_a.. | [il watertanks_a.. X | [fl] watertanks a. | “14 =0

param maxpumps 200;
param maxwork 1566;
param maxmat := 2880;
param param_profit :=
WT1 350 WT2 300;
param pumps :=
WT1 1 WT2 1;
param hour :=
WT1 9 WT2 6;
param sqm :=
WT1 12 WT2 16;

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| Wiitable
Insert [17:15:224
e 15°C Mostly sunny ~~ [EJ & <) ENG
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