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this is a 5-7 minutes powerpoint video presentation

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Supply Chain Presentation
Company: DHL Supply Chain
· 5–7-minute video. This is a short time frame, so pick the couple of things that you found most interesting about the company.
· A rough outline would be:
· Introduction and overview of the company (no more than 1 minute)
· How the company uses it's supply chain as a competitive advantage. Note, this is not a presentation on how they make the product. It is on how they use their suppliers, logistics, retail/distribution, etc. to provide value. What you are doing is taking this class' topics and presenting on how a company applies them. (3-5 minutes)
· Conclusion (no more than 1 minute)
· Record this using the built in function in Power Point (slide show> record slide show or using https:
· If using PPT, please do the following:
· Double check to make sure your audio recorded. If your file size is less than 1MB, it probably didn't
· Export as an .MP4 or .Mov file
That's it. This assignment is a means for you to take the ideas from this class and show how companies utilize supply chain management to
ing value to their customers.
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Ayan answered on Jul 13 2023
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