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· Week Six
Lecture 6
This week we discuss areas of specific concern related to the packaging and protection of finished goods throughout their life cycle.
You have to do some searching and identify one area of specific concern related to the packaging and protection of finished goods throughout their life cycle for three enterprises and those material’s impact on waste streams, from each of the following three production companies: a food production, electronic production, and toy production. The material for some packaging is so tough you need a knife or scissors to open, and that is just for a box of crackers!
Packaging can be separated into the structural part of the package and the graphics on the package.  This week we focus on the structural form of the package.  This includes the material that is used to make the package and the shape and size of the package. 
We will first look at the transport environment.  It is important to understand the environment in which a product will move before designing the package.  For example, a packaged product shipping in the following scenarios will each encounter an entirely different experience: 
·         UPS or Federal Express
·         Freight truck
·         Air     
·         Ship (in a container)
So we will look at some of the hazards that different types of products moving through different systems may encounter.  Before you even start designing a package, you must understand the entire transport chain for the product.
You must also understand the types of hazards that might occur for different types of products.  For example, the types of damage that might occur for food products is different than the types of damage that can occur to electronics.  And each individual product within a classification will have different risks.  For example, different types of food products ca
y different risks of different types of damage.  Also, consider if there is a beach in the packaging it could result in cross contamination of products.
In some cases, a product may require two different types of packaging if it will be shipped different ways.  For example, it does not make sense to package all of the products for UPS shipment if some will be shipped UPS and others will be shipped palletized in a truck.
Here is a link to a site that discusses the pros and cons of using recyclable or biodegradable packing peanuts.
Link:  http:
Here is a link to environmental packing technology that offers environmental and efficient liquid transport.
Link:  http:
Here is a great link to Apple's Environmental Responsibility Report.
Link: https:
Here is a link to a toy company, Mattel, and what they do to be a good global citizen
Link:  http:
Here is a link to what McDonald's has been doing with regards to packaging
Link: http:
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Discussion question
Among the three discussed production system-food production, toy production and electronic production, it seems evident as food production cause high proportion of waste in different stages-food production, processing, and retailing and consuming. Likewise, electronic manufacturer poses good possibility of product recycling and re-selling while toy manufacturers also generate good stream of waste with no option of recycling.
According to Food Waste Reduction Alliance, food waste is understood as discarded or intended to be discarded food substance, either raw or cooked, is regarded as one of the widespread problem prevailing along the food supply chain in US and around the world. As per statistics, around 218 billion value of food waste incu
ed by US homes, consumer business farms, and manufacturers in the year 2015. In this statistics, US homes alone plays major role by wasting 27 million metric tons of food waste, out of total proportion of 63 million metric tons (U.S. Food Waste - Statistics & Facts, 2018).
In all stages of food supply chain, waste or food loss occurs in some form or the other. In production stage, use of machinery for harvesting give rise to waste as harvesters can’t perfectly predict ripe and immature crops, this doubt regarding quality and appearance cause food waste. Secondly, food processing also gives rise to good...

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