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write any of the personality type that you like. Thank you

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MBTI Reflection Assignment WM
COM XXXXXXXXXXWorkplace Professionalism
MBTI Reflection Assignment
Due: January 20, 2023 at midnight
Value: 5%
Using your 4- letter personality type, the class lectures, and the MBTI - Summary of 16
Personality Types write a 2-page, double-spaced paper in which you identify:
1. 2 personality types you think you'd get along with in the workplace and why.
2. 2 personality types you think you might struggle with and why.
3. For the 2 personality types that could be problematic, come up with an Action Plan
proposing strategies and solutions for forging better relationships.
Marking Guide
Identification and
eak down of 2 personality types you'd likely work well with /4
Identification and
eak down of 2 personality types you'd likely struggle with /4
Action Plan Strategies/Solutions for forging improved relationships /5
Evidence of critical/original thought /5
Mechanical Writing /2
Total 20
MBTI Reflection Assignment Example 1
MBTI Reflection Assignment Example 2
Your personality type is:

Protagonists are inspiring optimists, readily taking action to
do what they feel is right.
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Ayan answered on Jan 18 2024
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Table of contents
Discussion    3
    Regarding professional relationships, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an invaluable resource for comprehending and managing the many personalities that comprise a group. My Protagonist (ENFJ) nature favors teamwork and situations that focus on people, which fits well with some personality types but may cause problems with others. Introspection explores two personality types that I think I would get along with: INTJ (The Architect) and ISTP (The Virtuoso). It also explores two that would provide challenges: ENFP (The Campaigner) and ISFJ (The Defender). I will also provide an action plan for improving the latter's relationships.
Personality Types I'd get Along With:
· ENFP (The Campaigner): The protagonist's desire to uplift and encourage people is a perfect match for the campaigner's lively and imaginative personality. Both kinds have a natural way of solving problems and a love of discovering new things. A dynamic flow of ideas that promotes creativity and optimism characterises the synergy between a Campaigner and a Protagonist at work.
· ISFJ (The Defender): The Defenders are a good...

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