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Hello, I want 2 separate documents one will be cover letter and 2nd file will be my resume. i will provide you my information which you will use in resume.

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COM 1030 Workplace Communication
Instructions and Marking Guide for the Cover Lette
A cover letter is designed to entice the interviewer to want to know more about you, therefore, it
should showcase who you are, what skills you
ing to an organization, your excitement about
working for the organization, and that you are outstanding among other candidates. All this, in
no more than one page!
Here is the format (structure) to follow when creating your cover letter. Here is an example of a
cover letter following the proper format. Remember to use Times New Roman, Arial, o
Trebuchet font, size 12. Also, pay attention to the spacing in the format outline. Single space
within each element and double space between them. Your contact information should be in the
header of the letter.
Marking Guide

Followed proper cover letter format (spacing, 140
font, font size, all elements covered and done
Marking Guide
Followed proper cover letter format (spacing, 140
font, font size, all elements covered and done
ectly, one page only)

Cover letter tailored to the skills and 140
experience outlined in the job posting.

Punctuation and Grammar 120

Total /100

Marking Guide: Resume
Followed one of three 3 types of resume 15
formats: chronological, skills-based,
combination, ca
ied header across from
cover lette

Resume tailored to job-posting 4/5

Total 8/10
Total both assignments 18/20
Answered 2 days After Jan 26, 2024


Ayan answered on Jan 28 2024
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Table of contents
Resume    3
Objective:    3
Skills:    3
Highlights:    3
Work Experience:    4
Booster Juice:    4
Security Guard (CSS):    4
Education:    4
Certificates:    4
· Name – Ramneet Kau
· 442 Corner Meadows Way, Calgary, Alberta, T3N1Y7
· Email: [email protected] | Contact: 587-969-4863
· Looking for a challenging job where I can put my data analysis talents to use and improve them. Dedicated to making a valuable contribution in a fast-paced team setting, I will use my bilingual communication, customer service, and flexibility...

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