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Organizational Problem Solving (MGMT XXXXXXXXXX, MGMT XXXXXXXXXX)
1. What have you learned about yourself in terms of ontology, epistemology, and axiology with respect to your mental models and paradigms? Using the assigned materials and any other sources you choose, define your background assumptions about the nature of reality, your beliefs, and your approach to research. Create a list of five statements summarizing your background assumptions and beliefs.
2. Identify a practical management or organizational situation that you want to research during the course. This could be a problem at work (e.g., time and attendance) or at home (e.g., whether or not to home school your child even if public schools reopen).
3. In what ways do your assumptions help you solve organizational problems? In what ways may your assumptions and beliefs hinder you in finding organizational solutions?
When crafting the answers to these questions, please remember to integrate and cite the assigned When crafting your responses to these questions, please remember to integrate and cite the assigned materials. Consider adding support from other sources for your assertions as well. As you do, remember to both cite and reference all additional support.
· Be sure to make connections between the assigned materials and your ideas. Include a reference list at the end of your submission.
The essay you submit should be at least 350–400 words long.  
Your replies to others should highlight and comment on new insights you gained from reading their essays, as well as noting how the ideas in their essays did or did not change your own viewpoint.
· Try to respond to learners with perspectives different from your own in order to demonstrate your understanding of other frameworks and viewpoints.
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Shubham answered on Jan 27 2024
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Ontology, epistemology and axiology is concerning mental models and paradigms. It provides insights into fundamental beliefs about nature of reality, knowledge and values. This can help in drawing on assigned materials and supplementary sources. It is required for development of clearer understanding of background assumptions for shaping worldview and approach to research. Ontology can help in dealing with nature of reality, that has led to recognize to view reality as a dynamic and interconnected system. This helps to see that world as constantly evolving and interdependent with entities and phenomena connected in intricate ways. It provides perspective that influences approach research and focuses on importance of considering context and relationships (Setiawan & Syamsuddin, 2022). Epistemologically is about constructivism and it provides knowledge that is actively constructed by individuals based on experiences and interactions. The belief leads to value diverse perspectives and co-creation of knowledge. In the research, it is inclined to employ qualitative methods that capture the richness of subjective experiences and interpretations. Axiologically can values centre on pursuit of fairness, empathy and sustainability. It can prioritize ethical considerations in research and...

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