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this is the self assessment, we need to write about the core core values are:- privacy, family, peace

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COM 1030: Workplace Professionalism
Personal Portfolio: CORE Values
Follow this link - Personal Values Self-Assessment to determine your core values.
Use your core values from the CORE Values Assessment to answer the following questions in, at least, 4 complete sentences per question using proper grammar and punctuation. Answer all the questions within each question.
1. When you did the CORE Values Assessment how did you decide which one of two values was more important to you than the other. Explain your thinking about how you decided which one ranked higher than the other.
2. We learn and choose our values from the world around us, our su
oundings, our experience, our families, and school, to name a few. List your top 3 core values and try to determine where they came from. In other words, who or what events have influenced your values?
3. Based on your response to question 2, do you think that values are fixed and permanent, or are they flexible and can change over time? What could make your values change or, if you do not think change is possible, what makes your values fixed and constant? Might some be permanent and others change?
4. Use your core values to answer one of the following two questions. Make sure you reference what core values you are using to help you come to your conclusion.
While some people believe Covid to be a serious threat, others believe it is like the regular flu virus, and so they did not strictly follow Covid protocols, if at all. They did not practice social distancing, wear masks, or adhere to cleaning protocols and lockdowns. Is it okay for those who don’t believe Covid is a social threat not to follow COVID protocols and why or why not?
Some people believe homelessness is not a problem for society to address. They think if a person is homeless, it is due to decisions they have made and it is up to them to obtain housing. Others believe homelessness is a community problem and assistance should be given to the people struggling with homelessness. Should society use tax dollars to help homeless people access health and housing support? Why or why not?
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VAN It is worth establishing areas of privacy where you
will feel comfortable while not being isolated from
your environment.
caring for loved ones
Family is a value that meets many of our needs
simultaneously. We find love, security, self-esteem
and development in it. Taking care of the family we
have a great opportunity to positively influence the

the right to have secrets,
In today's world, privacy is still a desired value.
Privacy-conscious people only provide information
that they want to share publicly. They feel
uncomfortable about being watched.
People who value privacy and discretion can often
e relied upon. They usually clearly define the
oundaries of their privacy and actively defend it.

Family is a value that meets many of our needs
simultaneously. We find love, security, self-esteem
and development in it. Taking care of the family we
have a great opportunity to positively influence the
lives of our loved ones. In return we are generously
endowed with love.
For many people, the family is a way to find
alance and respite, and at the same time a strong
source of motivation to make further efforts.
Family matters can be too engaging when all
attention and effort is given to them. A little time fo
yourself will allow you to return to them with new
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Table of Contents
Decision-Making in Core Values Assessment    3
Influences on Core Values    3
Flexibility of Core Values    3
Application of Core Values to COVID Protocols    4
Decision-Making in Core Values Assessment
In determining which one of two values is more important, I reflect on the impact each value has on my life and the lives of those around me. For example, if faced with a choice between privacy and peace, I would consider which value contributes more significantly to my overall well-being and happiness. I might think about instances where privacy has
ought me a sense of security or instances where peace has been a crucial factor in maintaining my mental and emotional health. By assessing the practical implications and emotional significance of each value, I can make an informed decision on which one ranks higher for me personally.
Influences on Core Values
· Privacy: This value may have been shaped by personal experiences of needing space for introspection and self-discovery. Additionally, societal discussions on digital privacy and the importance of personal boundaries could have played a role.
· Family: This core value is likely influenced by the...

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