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1.    Carter et al XXXXXXXXXXsuggest that tu
ulent environments, such as those outlined in Global Trends 2040 (National Intelligence Council [NIC], 2021), offer particular challenges to creating strategies in the traditional sense.
· React directly to the assertions in both readings.  Bring at least two, credible, fresh (no more than six months old) resources into a mindful conversation about collaborative development of strategy when the information at hand is incomplete and when the situation as a whole is uncertain.
· As you conduct this conversation, be sure to distinguish between your personal opinions or preferences and observable events or established theory.
2. The need to work virtually adds yet another layer of complexity to developing and executing strategy.
· In what ways did you find the assigned teamwork videos (Harvard Business Review, 2020a; 2020b) and reading (Fe
azi, 2015) helpful? Were there other things you'd hoped to learn from them but did not?
· What one additional, credible resource on virtual collaboration do you recommend for others in the class? How might using that resource introduce additional ways of enhancing decision-making for virtual teams?
When crafting answers to these questions, please remember to integrate and cite the assigned materials. Consider adding support from other sources for your assertions. As you do, remember to both cite and reference all added support.
· Be sure to make direct connections between the assigned materials and your ideas. Include a reference list at the end of your submission.
The essay you submit need not be huge, but should be at least 350–400 words long.  
Your replies to others should highlight and comment on any new insights you gained from reading their essays, as well as noting how ideas in their essays did or did not change your own viewpoint.
· Try to respond to learners (at least two) with perspectives different from your own in order to demonstrate your understanding of other frameworks and outlooks.
Carter, C., Clegg, S. R., & Kornberger, M. (2009). A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about studying strategy. Sage.
azzi, K XXXXXXXXXXHow to run a great virtual meeting. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, 2-5. https:
Harvard Business Review. (2020a, March 15). How to build trust on your virtual team [Video]. YouTube. https: 
Harvard Business Review. (2020b, March 5). How to collaborate effectively if your team is remote (The explainer) [Video]. YouTube. https: 
National Intelligence Council. (2021). Global trends 2040: A more contested world (NIC XXXXXXXXXXOffice of the Director of National Intelligence.https: 
Roberto, M. A., & Edmondson, A. C. (2017). Leadership and team simulation: Everest V3  [Web-based simulation]. Harvard Business Publishing. https:
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Table of contents
Introduction    3
1. Collaborative Strategy Development in Tu
ulent Environments    3
2. Virtual Collaboration and Strategy Execution    4
Conclusion    4
References    5
    As proposed by Carter et al. (2009) and described in Global Trends 2040 (NIC, 2021), this paper explores the difficulties presented by chaotic settings, emphasizing the creation of collaborative strategies. It also examines the complications
ought up by remote work settings, using Fe
azzi's reading (2015) and teamwork films (Harvard Business Review, 2020a, 2020b). To promote a thorough comprehension, the report highlights the integration of prescribed content and presents new resources.
1. Collaborative Strategy Development in Tu
ulent Environments
    According to Carter et al. (2009), there are difficulties with standard techniques in contexts that are tumultuous. This claim is reinforced by Global Trends 2040 (NIC, 2021), which paints a picture of an unpredictable and incompletely understood future. In order to tackle these obstacles, cooperation becomes essential. Because of the issue's complexity, insights from...

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