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Student Assignment Brief This document is for CU Group students for their own use in completing their assessed work for this module and should not be passed to third parties or posted on any website. If you require this document in an alternative format, please contact PA Module Tutor. Assignment Information The work you submit for this assignment must be your own independent work, or in the case of group assignment your own groups’ work. More information is available in the ‘Assessment Task’ section of this assignment brief. Module Name: Contemporary Issues in Business Management Module Code: 603MAN Assignment Title Analysing and Evaluating Contemporary Issues in Business Management Assignment Due: Assignment Type: Pass or Fail Percentage Grade (Core Assessment) (Applied Core Assessment) Only one of the following apply to this assignment You will be provided with either a pass You will be provided with an overall grade task. or a fail grade. You will have to between 0% and 100%. You have one successfully complete your assessment opportunity to pass the assignment at or before the end of the module. above 40%. | ANTE ET You have been assigned the task of conducting research and writing a 2,000-word management report that addresses various contemporary issues in business management. The report should focus on a specific organisation (from any sector) of your choice, which will serve as a case study. Your objective is to identify and discuss a range of issues and evaluate the impact of these issues on your chosen organisations and support your analysis with theories, models, and empirical evidence. Additionally, the report should reflect your personal views on how these issues can be effectively managed. It is important to obtain approval from your tutor regarding your choice of organization and the issues to be debated. The intended audience for this report is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the selected organisation.
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1. Introduction
JP Sainsbury is one of leading supermarket chains in UK. This report focuses on analysis of contemporary issues in business management in JP Sainsbury. In dynamic market conditions, the report describes about key challenges that impact operations and strategic direction of Sainsbury. The study aims to provide insights about
oader industry trends and management strategies that are applicable for retail industry. The contemporary issues are required to be explored including technological disruptions, sustainability concerns, supply chain complexities, and changing consumer behaviours. The study provides important perspectives for Chief Operating Officer of JP Sainsbury.
2. Background of the Organization
JP Sainsbury has an important position in UK retail sector. The company was established in 1869 and the company started with a single grocery shop in London and this expanded all over the country. Sainsbury has been recognized for the commitment for ensuring quality, innovation and customer service. It can help in making the company one of the largest and respected supermarket chains in UK. It is the key player in highly competitive retail industry. Sainsbury operates in the market that are characterized by evolution and competition. Traditional rivals like Tesco, Asda and Mo
isons increasing competition for the company. Sainsbury operates in multiple segments including supermarkets, convenience stores and online retailing. It provides diverse product that ranges from groceries to clothing, home goods and financial services. The company aims to reach
oad customer base from different demographics and preferences. The key stakeholders in includes shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, regulators and communities. Shareholders ensures sustainable financial performance and long-term value creation. This ensures that customers are getting high-quality products, competitive prices and better shopping experiences. Employees ensures providing fair treatment, career development opportunities and safe working environment. Suppliers aim to provide fair and transparent dealings, timely payments and beneficial partnerships. Regulators focus on ensuring compliance along with laws and regulations that are required in retail sector. Communities is responsible corporate citizenship and this contributions towards local economies and social causes. It is important to understand diverse interests and expectations of stakeholders. It is important for the company to navigate based on complexities of modern business. This requires ensuring maintaining market position and reputation for ensuring providing best quality products.
3. Identification of Contemporary Issues
JP Sainsbury operates in retail sector and the company faces contemporary issues that can impact operations, strategic decisions and long-term sustainability. The issues can include technological disruptions, globalization challenges, sustainability concerns, talent management and regulatory changes (Aggarwal, 2021). The rapid change of technology has transformed retail landscape that helps in reshaping consumer behaviours, preferences and expectations. The company has to face because of rise of e-commerce, digital payments and omnichannel retailing. The change will require huge investments in infrastructure, digital capabilities and cybersecurity. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, automation and data analytics can provide opportunities for enhancing operational efficiency, personalized marketing and customer experiences. In the interconnected global economy, the company faces challenges that are related with sourcing, supply chain management and international competition. Global supply chain disruptions, trade tensions and geopolitical uncertainties has created impact on availability and cost of goods. This can affect ability for maintaining competitive pricing and product quality. This requires expanding new markets and understanding regulatory differences in jurisdictions that requires strategic planning and risk management.
The consumer awareness of environmental and social issues is growing and it is important that Sainsbury should focus on sustainability concerns in the value chain. This includes reducing ca
on emissions, minimizing waste, promoting ethical sourcing practices and supporting community initiatives. The failure in integrating sustainability in business model of the company can lead to reputational damage, regulatory scrutiny, and loss of customer trust. Recruiting, retaining and developing skilled talent is important for success in competitive marketplace (Kumar et al. 2022). The retail sector faces challenges in attracting and retaining qualified employees in areas like digital marketing, data analytics and supply chain management. The company should invest in talent development programs, employee engagement initiatives and diversity. The efforts are required to be made for building workforce that is...

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