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The week five assignment will be a first virtual training day. You will create a 10-slide presentation with audio that is organized to state the OD problem, detail the departments involved, and the...

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The week five assignment will be a first virtual training day. You will create a 10-slide presentation with audio that is organized to state the OD problem, detail the departments involved, and the target audience, and the intervention technique that will resolve the problem. This work will help you to analyze the future of OD and the role of the OD consultant for training, and lead into next week's topic for global cultural differences.


INSTRUCTIONS!!! THIS IS DOCTORAL WORK. Turnitin and Waypoint are being used to check for plagiarism, and please use APA format. Please pay close attention I NEED INSTRUCTIONS TO BE READ THROUGHLY AND FOLLOWED, to plagiarism, it's not tolerated. make sure to use in-text citations demonstrating that I am citing my references. Please do not use fake references, this instructor will check, and this instructor will check Please keep plagiarism under! 0% or lower. VERY IMPORTANT. Let’s make sure all questions are covered and answered.

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Dipali answered on Jan 27 2024
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Slide 1
Organizational Development Intervention at A to Z Apps
Introduction to A to Z Apps
Organizational Development (OD) Problem Overview
Departments Involved and Target Audience
Selected Intervention Technique
Leadership Development Program
Technology Integration and Training
Training Activity Overview
Proposed Outcome
Brief overview of A to Z Apps
Mention of the contract for OD intervention
Importance of addressing organizational challenges
A to Z Apps is a forward-thinking IT firm that acts as a central location for innovative digital solutions. The firm is well-known for its dedication to quality and prospers in a sector that is changing quickly. With a wide range of departments working together to make it successful, A to Z Apps hopes to maintain market leadership and continuous growth. Understanding the organisational landscape becomes critical as we set out on this road of organisational development. This succinct synopsis establishes the context for our intervention, as we work together to tackle obstacles and strengthen A to Z Apps' standing as a trailblazer in the technology industry.
Organizational Development (OD) Problem Overview
Description of the specific challenge (lack of creativity and resistance to change)
Impact on organizational effectiveness
Reference to Week 4 content
A to Z Apps addresses a critical Organisational Development (OD) issue at its core: a discernible lack of innovation combined with a discernible aversion to change. This obstacle makes it more difficult for the firm to move quickly in a constantly changing business environment. Our ability to adapt and react proactively to market movements is hampered by the lack of an innovative culture. The problem is exace
ated by employee opposition to new practices and technology, which makes it difficult to adapt effectively. Understanding these obstacles is essential to developing successful solutions. Our strategy is to promote a paradigm shift towards creativity and adaptability by delving into the fundamentals of employee thinking and organisational culture in addition to addressing the outward manifestations. By taking on this problem head-on, we provide the conditions necessary for A to Z Apps to prosper in a constantly changing sector.
Departments Involved and Target Audience
Identification of departments facing the challenge
Specification of the target audience (managers, employees, etc.)
Within A to Z Apps, the highlighted Organisational Development problem has an impact on several departments. The fields of operations, information technology, and research and development are where the effects are most noticeable. These divisions, which are essential to the...

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