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Please provide answers to these recruiting questions

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What attracted you to the recruiting profession?
What changes have you implemented in your recruiting efforts to increase success
What resources to do you reference to stay cu
ent with recruiting trends
What types of data do you use to measure success and how have you used that information to help you?
How do you develop and strengthen relationships with job candidates?
Describe a time you had difficulty supporting a demanding hiring manager.
What do you do if a candidate unexpectedly rejects your job offer?
A qualified job candidate provided you with their salary expectations, but the figures they provide don't match what you can offer. What do you do to convince them to continue their candidacy?
How do you overcome the objection that they do not want to be recruited and are not looking to make a move even if you know what you can offer might be better than what they are cu
ently making?
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Dipali answered on Apr 09 2024
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Discussion    3
1. Attraction to Recruiting: The desire to match gifted people with positions where they can flourish and help organisations achieve their objectives through top-tier talent acquisition is frequently what draws recruiters to the field. Recruiting provides an opportunity to interact with a variety of people, learn about their goals, and support their professional development.
2. Changes Implemented for Success: By using technology, improving applicant experience, honing candidate-sourcing techniques, and always improving their communication abilities, successful recruiters adjust to changing trends. To recruit top personnel, this might entail leveraging data-driven strategies, integrating AI technologies for evaluation and screening, and supporting employer

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