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Read the article titled U.S. EEOC Recognizes Social Media’s Role In Workplace Harassment (link below) and reflect on James Wu’s advice about social media and harassment in the workplace. You may want...

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Read the article titledU.S. EEOC Recognizes Social Media’s Role In Workplace Harassment(link below) and reflect on James Wu’s advice about social media and harassment in the workplace. You may want to read some of the links within the article as well, or find some additional resources to inform your thoughts before composing a response to the following questions:

  1. Explain how social media or other electronic communications are handled at your workplace (if you are not employed, consider how they might be handled in your intended career field). What is your employer’s policy, and do you perceive this policy to be effective? Why or why not?
  2. What implications exist for you when considering social media (work, personal, school) that you need to be mindful of?

Support your response with personal illustrations, company policies, scholarly sources, etc.

*Always be sure to cite your sources in the Blogs and Discussions. However, please know that the formatting/spacing may not look like the References page on your papers.

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Social media & workplace harassment
Social Media & Workplace Harassment
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James Wu’s advice
James Wu’s advice about social media and harassment in the workplace: According to James Wu's workplace harassment is still a long-standing problem. In the fiscal year 2015, approximately 90,000 fees received by the EEOC included workplace harassment allegations. People who experience gender-based harassment are often based on workplace reactions that avoid harassment, denial or dilute the severity of the situation and attempt to forget, ignore, or endure such behavior (Wu, 2016). James Wu said how to use personal social media accounts to address workplace harassment. For example, even if an employee posts harassment or derogatory information about a colleague away from place of work employer might be responsible for the harsh work environment. James Wu’s suggestion is that the anti-harassment law or policy must make it clear that abuse on the social media will
ing the importance of other place of work interactions. Managers and other experts with harassment duties must wary their Socialmedia relations or connections with their employees. Also, procedures for inspecting harassment must carefully describe how to simply access worker social media information or content with assurance (Wu,...

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