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Please paraphrase this Post Subject Reflection · I do believe that during my work experience I have been holding major of ethical principles that I have learned though out this subject. Yes, I was not...

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Please paraphrase this
Post Subject Reflection
· I do believe that during my work experience I have been holding major of ethical principles that I have learned though out this subject. Yes, I was not aware of theories but my own believes and attentions towered employees were completely ethical. I always treated them as a look up to myself, my dignity was important part of my life and I do respect the same for others as well. In such of working environment place in my country been an ethical person been unwise. I have stood for that principles which withdraw me out of my work and I realized that I was wrong going against the practices of the majority. However, I have this chance again to find out that there are some others supporting my old good attentions and I was right. In some point I started to care about myself more than others. In this study of management, stewardship, and leadership, I learned that it is crucial to adopt a culture that focuses on doing things with a focus on others rather than myself. Managing is relational, reflexive and ethical. It’s not just something you do but who you are and how you relate to others. Additionally, the motivational leadership strategies and relational behaviors encourage stewardship in firms and the sense of personal responsibility among the followers (Hernandez, XXXXXXXXXXSuch ethical habits ensure an organization’s well-being as well as that of the entire society in the long run. Additionally, I observed that leadership involves participation and leading by example. Also, areas like science, morality, and politics might be in different fields, but separating them is not the best option because they revolve around the same issue of morality and ethics (Smith, XXXXXXXXXXTherefore, leadership enabled me to view matters from various perspectives and always apply values in my work.
Also, by learning the stakeholder theory, it was easier for me to eradicate the tensions of feeling unworthy and unfit for an organization’s purposes. Additionally, I got the ability to learn that as a manager, I will express a sense of value and what
ings key stakeholders together. Also, I have the opinion that negotiating issues with the subordinates and other leaders will make the work environment free and bearable (Letters from Birmingham Jail) However, the tension of what might happen where technology changes fast and people are reluctant to adopt remains.
I. Action-Guiding Principles
While applying the knowledge in future, it will be crucial to have guiding principles to ensure that as a manager, I focus on the positive areas which lead to a firm’s better performance and success. Padilla, Hogan & Kaiser XXXXXXXXXXobserved that emphasizing on an organization's adverse outcomes could result in destruction. Additionally, it will be crucial to create safe and fair working environments for the workers and their families to ensure that they do not get affected by their personal issues at the workplace. Another guiding principle will be improving the working practice by offering continuous training and development opportunities to the employees. The programs will ensure that the organization does not remain behind especially due to the dynamic environment and changing technologies.
V. Conclusion
Leadership, management, and stewardship require a leader to implement the culture that gives everyone an opportunity to work in the best environment. The ethical leaders should also avoid discrimination on the basis of culture, race, or sex because everyone has a capability to provide the best input to the firm’s procedures (Follett, XXXXXXXXXXPutting measures in place to avoid incidences like stereotyping will enable the employees to work as a family which leads to better performance. A steward leader ensures that the conflicts within a firm lead to improvement in the future processes rather than disagreements.
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Table of Contents
Knowledge gained from class lectures
The class notes, readings, activities and exercises have helped me a lot to understand the course of business ethics clearly and in depth. While some aspects of the course have lain a positive impact to my psychology, there have also been certain aspects, which have compelled me to redesign my perceptions towards business ethics. Consequently, the challenged perceptions have also reflected upon my practices, thus, implicating the knowledge I gained into my practical application. This reflective essay is on the knowledge I gained from the various subjects, topic or areas, which I have earned as a part of my experience as a student to this course.
Leadership, stewardship and management
As a part of applying the knowledge gained, I have tried to implement the lessons I gained on leadership, stewardship and management into my practical field. As mentioned by Wilkinson et al. (2016), stewardship stands for considering the well-being of every individual that is entrusted with the leader, while as stated by Fairhurst and Connaughton (2014), leadership is the quality of guiding the employees towards a positive direction that can help them to achieve the organizational goals collectively and harmoniously. On the other hand, as argued by Konrad, Yang and Maurer (2016), management practices are different from these two aspects in the sense that it enables the execution of the organizational tasks in order to ensure that the ultimate targeted outcomes or objectives are achieved.
Ethical practices in an organization
Apart from executing these three attributes of a managerial role, as suggested by Guerci et al. (2015), one is also expected to abide by ethical practices so that the dignity of the organization, of theirs and of their team members is strictly maintained. The subject of business ethics has imparted this philosophy of practice within me to such an...

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