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make a research essay based on this topic: During the Australian marriage law postal survey Qantas and its openly gay CEO Alan Joyce provided company support for the same sex-marriage (as did many...

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make a research essay based on this topic: During the Australian marriage law postal survey Qantas and its openly gay CEO Alan Joyce provided company support for the same sex-marriage (as did many other organizations and business leaders including our VC Martin Bean of RMIT). This was criticised by some as being "unacceptable for people to use the money of publicly-listed companies to throw their weight around".Do you think it is legitimate for senior executives to commit company resources to engage in political discourse on social issues?

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Akansha answered on Apr 17 2020
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Australian ma
iage law
Australian ma
iage law
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In the postal survey of the Australian Ma
iage Law, Qantas and Open Gay CEO Allen Joyce provided corporate support for same-sex ma
iage. Some people criticize this as "people cannot use the funds of publicly listed companies to divert their attention" and it is unreasonable for senior managers to commit their company's resources to participate in political discussions on social issues. The Corporate Social Responsibility also named as CSR is based completely on a false idea that the new public company sacrifices profits for the certain social products, and the private and public sectors mislead the company to promote corporate social responsibility. The public believes that in the private sector there are more things being done to achieve certain public goals than they really are. Australian business companies need to voice their voices on social issues if they want to determine their reputation (Cockburn, 2017). They help promote social change and help promote things that are good for our employees (Yen and Zampelli, 2016). “Don’t use iconic
ands and billions of dollars of business, left to the discretion of individuals and elected decision makers. The long-term interests of companies that are major employers of small communities may be to invest resources to facilitate the community or improve their government. Easy way to attract more desirable employees, might reduce payroll or reduce theft and damages or generate other valuable influences. Or, in view of the laws governing the deduction of corporate charitable donations, shareholders may approve the company’s donation of gifts. Philanthropy contributes more donations than self-doing, because they can contribute a certain amount in this way or they will be paid as corporate taxes. The Minister of Immigration is one of the most famous conservatives in the Turnbull government. It also claims that some companies have been forced to support marital equality movements. The reality is that some companies are morally forced to support sports because of fear of being pushed by online social media to boycott their products.
Engage in political discourse on social issues
Twenty chief executives in Australia have called for the government to legislate for same-sex ma
iage. Multinational corporations support diversity within their organizations, including the various religious, ethnic, cultural, and gender characteristics of employees. They have enriched this policy. The political principles underlying the market mechanism are the same. In the ideal free market for private property, not even a single person one can coerce some other person. All firms or cooperation’s are voluntary. All of these partners are favorable or there is no need for them to participate. In addition to the common values ​​and responsibilities of individuals, there is no value, no "social" responsibility and this society is basically a collection of different individuals as well as different groups they form voluntarily. The political standard or guideline underlying the political mechanism is consistency. Individuals should serve a
oader range of social interests, whether such interests are determined by the church, the dictator, or the majority (Shaw, 1988). The individual might vote moreover say what to do, but in case he is fully rejected, he must comply. For some people, whether they are willing or not, it is suitable to motivate to contribute to the general or common social purpose. Unfortunately, consistency is not always feasible. In some ways, consistency seems to be inevitable, so I don't think people can completely avoid using political mechanisms. However, taking seriously the "social responsibility" theory will extend the scope or extent of political mechanisms to each human activity. It is philosophically indistinguishable from the most explicit collectivist doctrine. It is different that only the purpose of claiming to believe collectivism can be achieved without collective means. In a book named as “Capitalism and Freedom,” the author calls it "a essentially disruptive doctrine" in the free society, furthermore said that in this society, "companies have only one social or political responsibility to utilize its resources as well as to participate in the designed event can increase profits as long as it remains within all rules of a game, that is, open as well as free competition with no deception and fraud (Friedman, 1970).
The system of national governance does not seem to be able to deal with enough global public goods...

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