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[endnoteRef:1]Make a presentation speech with a PowerPoint, the speech should contain into each PowerPoint slide. The presentation title is “17 SDG goals(Goal 4: Quality Education)”. You only write...

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[endnoteRef:1]Make a presentation speech with a PowerPoint, the speech should contain into each PowerPoint slide. The presentation title is “17 SDG goals(Goal 4: Quality Education)”. You only write the presentation Speech and slide about the “Goal 4: Quality Education” [1: ]
The speech need to be 4-5 min.
Here are some source that you can use: https:
This assignment is meant to be developmental in nature. You need to delivering an informative and engaging speech. Additional skills assessed through this assignment are active listening, and the ability to use feedback to improve performance. By basing the presentations around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, students will be learning about real world causes that require leadership.
Students will then research their chosen SDG, addressing details such as:
· What it is
· Why it matters
· How cu
ent business leaders are tackling the goal
· Future leadership opportunities to address the goals
· The presentation helped listeners learn about and understand the importance of their SDG
· The presentation makes it easy to recall key information and remember the key message
· The presentation was engaging
· The presentation was inspiring
· The presentation demonstrates passion and confidence
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Tanmoy answered on Feb 05 2022
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Goal 4 (Quality Education)
SDG Goal 4 (Quality Education)
    The United Nation adopted Sustainable Development Goals as a global call to protect people, end poverty and make sure that by 2030 all individual enjoy prosperity and peace.
    The 17 SDG’s are connected as an action in one sector affects the results in other sectors.
    Attaining quality and inclusive education for all people confirms that education is among the proven and powerful drive for sustainable development.
The 17 Sustainability Development Goals with respect to the Agenda 2030 is focused towards maximization of synergies along with resolution of the trade-offs between the sustainability developmental goals. Further, considerable developments have been observed in poverty alleviation by strengthening the economy, through the process of innovation, implementing modern infrastructure. There are 193 members who are a part of this UN-SDG initiative. The sustainable development goals is a universal framework which is focused towards policy development in the social, economic and environmental sphere.
The 17 sustainability developmental goals are targeted towards no poverty, zero hunger, quality education, gender quality, industry, innovation and infrastructural development, sustainable cities and communities, decent work and economic growth, reducing inequality, life on land, responsible consumption and production, climatic changes, good health and well being, life below water, peace, justice and strong institutions, partnership for achieving goals and clean water and sanitization.
Further, the target to achieve these goals are by year 2030 and almost one-third of the deadline have been elapsed (Anish Dixit; 2021).
Quality Education
    Education facilitates ascending socioeconomic movement and is a major tool to evade poverty.
    Quality education is a fourth SDG established to increase access to learning and faculty admission rates at all levels especially for girls (
Education for all as an element of the UN Sustainability Developmental Goal is to enhance the socioeconomic mobility and eliminating the poverty. Further the major progress according to this plan was in the area of access to education and enhancement in the enrolment rates in all the school level for the girls.
According to a research study by the United Nations, it was found that almost 260 million children were out of the school in the year 2018. This is approximately one-fifth of the global population in the age group. Further, there were around half of the children and adolescent globally who are unable to meet the minimum proficiency standards in terms of reading and in mathematics topics it was around 617 million.
Aims of Quality Education
    Ensure that by 2030 all boys and girls finish free primary and secondary education.
    Offer equal admittance of men and women to affordable vocational training and tertiary learning involving universities by 2030.
    Do away with gender inequality in learning and ensure equal access to all education levels for the vulnerable involving individuals with disabilities by 2030 (, 2022).
    Ensure that by 2030 youths and a big section of adults, both males and females attain numeracy and...

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