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From your analysis of the case study, provide a response to either support or disagree with 3 of the 4 statements below. In your response, you should use examples from the case study to support...

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Ethics and Sustainability in Governance (MBUS201)
Semester 1 2023
Case study analysis
From your analysis of the case study, provide a response to either support or disagree with 3 of the 4 statements below. In your response, you should use examples from the case study to support your view and align your analysis with the principles of good governance and the relevant sections of the Corporations Act 2001 where/if appropriate. The report in total should be approximately 1500 words (i.e. between XXXXXXXXXXwords or 500 words per statement response).
You need to provide a response (as guided in the assignment information) to 3 of the following 4 statements in relation to the AFA Case Study:
1. 1. The board meeting agendas and minutes are sufficiently detailed to ensure the board is able to fulfil it’s obligations 
2. 2. The board has provided adequate financial oversight to ensure they are not on the path to insolvency 
3. 3.The board has effectively discharged its duties to monitor and review the performance of the CEO 
Note: There are likely to be several examples in the case study that can be used to address any of the statements. You are not required to identify them all, but you are required to provide enough evidence to justify why you agree or disagree with the statement. There may also be perceptions and inferences in the case study that allow you to form your view, and these are also an important element of your analysis.
Assessment task marking: This assessment task is worth 30% of the overall mark for the unit. Your response to each statement will be marked out of 10 using the attached ru
ic (3 x 10 = 30 marks) as a guide.
Critical information: This assignment is directly related to the analysis of the AFA case study, if a generic response is received that does not relate to the case study it will be awarded 0 marks.
Marking Ru
ic: Case study analysis
(2 marks each)
    2 marks
    Use of examples from case study in response
    Multiple (3+) examples in the case study have been co
ectly identified and interpreted in the response
    Use of relevant theories or legislation as part of response
    Theories from reliable sources (with co
ect references) and or legislation have been co
ectly applied to the analysis
    Identification and use of perceived director actions or behaviours in response
    The inclusion of infe
ed or perceived information has been co
ectly included to support the analysis presented in the response
    Clarity of analysis and the provision of concise and accurate information
    The response is presented such that the analysis and connection of evidence is accurate and justified and clearly demonstrates a strong understanding of the case study
    Construction of a cohesive and well written response to the statement
    The response has been well written, remains within the 500 word limit +/-10%, and the arguments used have been clearly and cohesively presented
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Deblina answered on May 01 2023
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Table of Contents
Case Study Analysis    3
Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes    3
Financial Oversight    4
Monitor and Review the Performance of the CEO    5
References    7
Case Study Analysis
Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes
The case study has detailed out the meetings minutes of all the meetings that have been held by the board members in the appendix section of the case study. It has also
ief doubt the personal details of the inaugural and the cu
ent Board members. The meetings were held monthly on Wednesday evening from 7:00 p.m. at the club between Fe
uary and November. The board meeting agendas were prepared by the CEO and were approved by the chairman while the minutes were taken by the company secretary of AFA. The agenda of the meetings were
iefed out in the form of Chairman's report and the details of the meetings were provided in the form of CEO report. The apologies for each and every meeting was mentioned and the reason for the apology is also mentioned in the meetings minutes (Ruwanti et al., 2019).
According to the Corporation Act of 2001 the companies are required to keep proper minutes of they are meetings including the aspects of resolution passed and the names of those who are present. In this case the minutes appear to meet this particular requirement. The meeting minutes that have been provided in the Appendix III of the case study meets the requirements of the corporation’s act of 2001. Based on the case study it appears that the company has compiled with the requirements. The board meeting agendas and minutes were distributed to all the board members before each meeting and it contains a comprehensive record of the decisions made and the actions taken by the board. For example, the minutes of the board meeting held on March 2022 set out the agenda that focuses on the chairs report and apologies, approval of the previous minutes and follow up of action items, CEO report and other businesses.
The minutes have also recorded the names of those present at each meeting and have also demonstrated the board is taking steps to ensure that it is fulfilling its obligations under the Corporations Act of 2001 to maintain the accurate records of its meetings. Based on the information provided in the case study it appears that the board meetings agenda and minutes are sufficiently detail to ensure that the bodies able to fulfil its obligation under the Corporations Act 2001 to maintain accurate records of its meetings. It is also effective to point out that all details of the meetings are content in the form of chairs reports, discussion that were based on the previous meetings and the CEO report. For instance, we analyse one of the meetings minutes provided in the appendix that was held on March 2022 from the case study. The minutes have mentioned the fact that it was held on a date after the labour day even though the date of the meeting was not mentioned.
The acting chair was Bob who Chere the meeting in the absence of the chairman gadi and Andrew Williams who are also away for the Labour Day long weekend. The agenda items of the meeting were summarized in the form of chairs reports and apologies. Bob noted the apologies for ca
y and Andrew who are still away. The minutes also mentioned that Gary had not provided a...

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