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For this assignment, you will write a case study report in between 1800 and 2200 words excluding references, based on a case identified with circumstance or event that describes an ethical issue,...

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For this assignment, you will write a case study report in between 1800 and 2200 words excluding references, based on a case identified with circumstance or event that describes an ethical issue, within an Asia-Pacific business context from a media source (newspaper article, blog, advertisement). Analyse your chosen case by applying either virtue ethics OR utilitarian ethical theories, arguing both the claims and the criticisms of your chosen theory in relation to your chosen case.

Following this required format

  • Executive summary

  • Table of contents

  • Introduction

  • Findings ( talking about 3 to 6 of the following points but the first point is obligatory )

  1. Theory & Application ( virtue ethics OR utilitarian ethical )

  2. Leadership

  3. Corporate history

  4. Corporate social responsibility

  5. Stakeholders

  6. Shareholders

  7. Brand image / Brand damage

  8. Public / Private ownership

  • Conclusion

  • Recommendations ( at least 3 )

  • References (a minimum of 12 academic articles )

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Running head: Business ethics
Business ethics
Executive summary
The study has been discussed with the business ethics and issues to describe the several of cases to continue the success of the business. The case study of Gucci is chosen to continue with several of ethical issues which are highlighted in the study. Gucci faced legal issues and ethical misconceptions which affects the company in China’s store specially. The legal dilemmas are considered with the several of findings to establish the requirements of legal principles and ethics in business context.
Table of Contents
Introduction    4
Findings    4
Theory and application of virtue ethics    4
Corporate social responsibility    6
Stakeholders    7
Brand image/
and damage    9
Conclusion    9
Recommendations    10
Reference list    11
Business ethics are some moral principles to guide properly and legally of business behaviour. The laws are considered a determination of an individual's actions to apply on the business ethics. Distinguishing between right or wrong is the primary purpose of business ethics (Fe
ell & Fraedrich, 2015). In this study, business ethics of case study on Gucci in China will be focused. The ethical issues at Gucci in relation with virtue ethics would be discussed. Gucci is a multinational company operating stores worldwide (, 2018). Recently they faced ethical issues including labour abuse and multi stakeholder approaches. The study focuses on the specific business issue to prevent the labour abuse practice by practising modern labour rights application. The employees' complaints, legal consideration to avoid the issue Gucci case study would be discussed with possible findings.
Theory and application of virtue ethics
Virtue ethics is a specific term to emphasise the characteristics of virtue in moral philosophy. Virtue ethics theories are inspired by Aristotle who declared the natural internal tendencies with lifetime utilisation to gain favours (Medeiros et al. 2017). How one should live and lead with family and social values are the main focuses on virtue ethics. Regarding business, virtue ethics is worth to admire the determination and proposals to agree with the judgements and ethics to be admirable traits legally. Its theories are crucial to flourishing a self-centred situation and control of education and affection with friends and family to relate the business ethics. Virtue ethics is concerned with happiness and human flourishing to essential attributes for following the clear requests with judgments for nurturing the ethics (Weiss, 2016). Theory of virtue ethics may be qualified to control the ethical issues and legal consideration. Costs and contractual responsibilities may be useful to follow the company's advancements and involvement to enhance the labour dispatch to employ the service to improve the contract law in case of labour dispatch.
Figure 1: Theory of virtue ethics
(Source: Ladkin, 2018)
Virtue ethics provides an opportunity to ask themselves what they are doing and why to managers and business leaders. In Gucci case study, the managers and higher business leaders may get an opportunity to develop their operations and products to offer customers by applying virtue ethics theory (Michaelson et al. 2014). Virtue ethics emphasize the development of human values and moral principles which can help to operate the capability and behaviours towards excellence in a business context of Gucci. According to the case study, Gucci received an open letter that former employees resigned collectively. The former employees of Gucci Shenzhen store left as a result of labour abuse and legal rights (, 2018). Applying virtue ethics, Gucci can fix the issues to involve policy and rights within the company. Gucci was labelled as "sweatshop" after the allegations and legal complaints were faced. The ethical issues were described as the employees were restricted to go toilet or to take food while duty time (Quarshie, Salmi & Leuschner, 2016). The employees' complaints were valid against Gucci to discuss the rights and dignity which were being violated. Virtue ethics may be applied to labour and management relation and working relation within the organisation. Though Gucci in Shenzhen faced significant problems with ethical dilemmas and involvements with complex dispatch system, virtue ethics theory can be implemented to solve the internal policies and proper considerations. Underpinning the legal review, Gucci faced the ethical dilemmas and abusive practices on Indonesia may be uncommon in Western Countries whereas multinational corporations (MNC) are quartered. Possible reasons for multinational companies can enhance with the illegal employment to a
ange the natural temptation to malpractice to China (Rhodes, 2016). The ethical theory has the responsibility to offer the foreign
ands to a
ange the moral realism to adopt the environment (Campbell & Cowton, 2015). The method allows the labour management for possible reasons with paying attention to enforce the investment to pay philosophy of moral relativism can follow the different forms besides Gucci for China to control the focus with good looking GDP.
Corporate social responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility of Gucci's has core ethics and value to identify their
and name. Sustainable value is their managed policy to design the culture and responsiveness to their system including...

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