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Each student will be required to create their own personal ethics tool based on the theories and concepts learned during the course. This personal ethics tool should provide a framework that the...

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Each student will be required to create their own personal ethics tool based on the theories and concepts learned during the course. This personal ethics tool should provide a framework that the student can utilize for making personal and professional ethical decisions. The project is worth up to 150 points.I am enclosing few sample attachment work done by previous students.I need Presnationon based on this assignment, so I can make voice thread.Please see Example as below
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PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL ETHICAL DECISION: business ethics in the accounting profession
Ethics is a
anch of theory
Ethics helps the behavioral norms
Helps the personal cognitive process .
Helps the ethical decision making process.
Ethics or Moral rationality is a
anch of theory that includes systematizing, shielding and suggesting ideas of good and conduct. The essential ideas and key standards of better than average human lead. In ethics the moral rule that represent a man or women’s conduct or the leading of an action towards their move. Ethics is the rule, the feelings of an individual that represent how a person can rule their life. Ethics help the behavioural norms how he/she maintain the beliefs and rules in their personal and professional life.
Accounting Ethics is basically a field of connected morals and is a piece of business morals or human morals. The investigation of a good esteem and judgment of the accounting data is the basic part of an Accounting industry which I applied. Morals are instructed in Ethics in accounting courses at advance education foundation and additionally by the organization preparing bookkeepers and examiners. This particular essay will focus on personal develop many ethical theories and frameworks while practicing activities. It will also reflect my personal cognitive process and ethical decision making process in accounting processes
Ethical Reasoning and it implication in Accounting Activity
Key supplier to monitory data
End goal is to empower the peruses to comprehend the issues.
Recommended dependable answe
Accounts have a critical part to play in the present worldwide business life as I am the key suppliers to monetary data to financial specialist, moneylenders and different partners of organization, I need to keep up records of dependable and reliable data and furthermore to act in capably while completing the other expert’s obligations. As influenced by Mohamed et al. (2012, p. 240) so the necessary tools which I have to choose that is the cu
ent monetary detailing data that show the other professionals and accountants likewise can confront ethical problems and ca
y on dishonesty (which has
ought about the loss of notoriety for a few bookkeepers and practically harmed the calling to a genuine degree). Therefore, a comprehension of the moral basic leadership condition in which bookkeepers work is vital. In this examination the significance of morals or ethics in the basic leadership process for which me as a accountant stand up and talked about
oadly about this function. But obviously keeping in mind that the end goal is to empower our peruses to comprehend the issues and recommend dependable answers for managing us.
Personal Cognitive Process and Ethical Decision Making in Accounting Practices
Personal attitude may assume in an immediate part.
Budgetary return
In accordance to Williams (2012), first comes to Personal Cognitive Process in Accounting Practices which stated that personal attitude may assume an immediate part, for example,...

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