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Answered Same Day May 08, 2020 ITC331 Charles Sturt University


Parul answered on May 10 2020
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Analysis on ICT Related Ethical Issues
This report provides an extensive analysis done on the ethical issues that are arising from the usage of ICT. The report is structured in such a manner that the first section identifies what are the ICTs that emerging in our environment and subsequently identifying what are the ethical issues that are most probable to be erupt from these emerging ICTs. Later part of the section critically evaluates the issues identified and rank the same indicating a which one is least dangerous and which one is absolutely lethal and concluding the report by providing recommendations.
Emergence of ICT
Acronym ICT has become a buzz word in corporate world today. ICT stands for information and communication technologies that forms backbone of modern world computing. With the emergence of IOT - Internet of things and world going digital all the devices have started communicating with each other through smart networking components and application system in place that provide corporates and their people to interact with each other 24x7 with minimal or least downtime. ICT is an amalgamation of mobile phones and several internets enabled wireless networks. There are more components which keeps on adding in this list making it an exhaustive one.
            Fig 1. Information and Communication Technology
Ethics & ICT Issues
ICT to
ings with itself a new wave of interaction that communicates & interacts with not just laptops, computers and phones but also connects with cars, wearables and even healthcare. This continuous and tremendous dependence on ICT has
ought out an interesting aspect which urges to question the status-quo of its increasing usage raising ethical and legal problem.
Exceptionally high growth and advancing technologies might affect society in a way different than what is anticipated or planned thereby raising some grave and significant ethical questions that may concerns individuals at a micro-level and organization at a macro-level. One of the primary issues that ICT
ings along in this present day era – Threat of confidentiality, invasion of privacy of not just individuals but organization and even country level, ownership and accountability of the repercussion and quality of professionalism.
             Fig 2. Gird of Analysis
Ethics describes what is considered as good, just and right for a person and for the society in general thereby creating nature of obligation that individual must bestow themselves and to others in the society. It’s a human tendency to adjudicate actions as morally right or good or perhaps morally wrong. There is no exact definition of what is right or wrong as the rationale pretty much depends on context and nature of situation. Ethics in its literal sense is a research and philosophy of the manner in which human should conduct with inclination...

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