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Required Reading Affordable Care Act; findings from Mayo Clinic provide new insights into Affordable Care Act (expected and unexpected consequences of the Affordable Care Act: The impact on patients...

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Required Reading
Affordable Care Act; findings from Mayo Clinic provide new insights into Affordable Care Act (expected and unexpected consequences of the Affordable Care Act: The impact on patients and surgeons—pro and con arguments XXXXXXXXXXManaged Care Weekly Digest, 63.
Berenson, R. A., Burton, R. A., & McGrath, M XXXXXXXXXXDo Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) help or hinder primary care physicians' ability to deliver high-quality care? Healthcare, 4(3), XXXXXXXXXX.
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Optional Reading
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services XXXXXXXXXXManaged care. Accessed from https:
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    In the history of quality healthcare services to be given to the patients, the need of an integrated system is felt forever; in fact, various conceptual frameworks are observed and followed across globe to ensure that quality healthcare is given to the patients because healthcare services are identical with the fundamental human rights i.e. everyone living in an idealized society has this right to avail through the medical needs as his/her fundamental privilege. In terms of making the healthcare service enhancive and effective, the process of accreditation is used. The methodological approach of accreditation is generally driven towards the ensuring of quality healthcare service given by the hospitals by following certain parameters like cost effectiveness and quality delivery of the nursing and other related services to the clients.
The Method of Accreditation
    Starting from 1951, the American Association of Surgeons was possible the first official accreditation agency in the United States, feeling the need of building a network of healthcare services which were of same quality regardless of the demographics and economical distributions of the populations. It was more like having integration in the quality of the healthcare services. It is the right of the individuals to have their lives medically secured in all environments whether it is remotely situated in the rural provinces in the u
anized locality.
At first, it is significant to know the process of accreditation and how it takes place. There are certain parameters through which the judgment of the services of a hospital is done which is more...

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