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Two separate assignments. First, purpose of this assignment is to analyze the different leadership styles and approaches for emergency management situations. research the Las Vegas active shooting...

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Two separate assignments.
First, purpose of this assignment is to analyze the different leadership styles and approaches for emergency management situations. research the Las Vegas active shooting incident from October 1, 2017.

XXXXXXXXXXIn a six page essay:

  • XXXXXXXXXXHow would transformational leadership become involved XXXXXXXXXXduring this incident?
  • Who would be some of the key personnel and team members XXXXXXXXXXinvolved in this XXXXXXXXXXincident?
  • Based on the ability of the active threat/shooter to enter into the XXXXXXXXXXhotel with several bags of firing arms and ammunition, how might XXXXXXXXXXleadership be able to increase security measures? What are some of the security measures that can be updated or put in place in an effort handle a large arsenal of weapons?
  • How might adaptive leadership play an integral role in the XXXXXXXXXXoverall psychodynamic approaches on the new leadership style for this particular incident regarding the Las Vegas shooting?
  • What are some of the adaptive leadership approaches that may XXXXXXXXXXneed to be taken with the advent of this active threat/shooter XXXXXXXXXXopening fire from the 32nd floor of this hotel?
Format your paper using APA style. Include a reference page.
Second assignment is,

The purpose of this assignment is for you to think critically about how a National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) could impact your leadership style as an emergency manager. Think about all of the leadership theories that you studied in this course. Think about the theories that align with your leadership style. Then, write a three-page essay that answers each of the following questions:

  • How does NIMS impact your leadership style as an emergency manager?
  • How does ICS impact your leadership style as an emergency manager?
  • Which leadership theories might conflict with NIMS and ICS? Explain.
  • Thinking back to the Unit I assignment, how does your own leadership XXXXXXXXXXstyle align with NIMS and ICS? Explain.
Be sure to address each of the questions. If outside sources are used, please adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.
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Running Head: Management- Assignment 1                             1
Management- Assignment 1                                    6
Table of Contents
Involvement of the Transformational Leadership    3
Key Personnel and Team Members    3
The ability of the Leadership to Increase Security Measures and Probable Security Measures    4
Integral Role of the Adaptive Leadership    5
Needed Adaptive Leadership Approaches    6
References    8
Involvement of the Transformational Leadership
The act of shooting that happened in Las Vegas on 1 October 2017 is a part of the emergency. In order to control the aftereffect of this situation, there is a sure need for transformational leadership. The incident happened due to the open firing done on a mass population gathered for a music fest in the Nevada area. An individual Stephen Paddock (Wallace & Loffi, 2017) did the shooting from the 32nd floor. The aftereffect of this incident is destructive. Many people have been injured, and some of them are dead on the spot. The most pathetic thing, in this case, is the panicked crowd rushed from one place to another, and in this way, many people have been injured as well.
As a part of the emergency management situation, transformational leadership was needed to manage the aftereffect of this situation. The leadership style would help the people to come out of the place systematically without any stress. They should be ensured their safety first by the leaders moving the crowd. The people who are injured could be immediately sent to the hospital and the dead bodies should be sent to another place so that they could not spread fear or panic anymore (Lozada et al., 2019). In this way, the transformational leadership would have managed the situation better than it happened on that very day. Another fact to state in this matter is that the leaders who have led the different management works within the spectrum should have been more conscious as a vast amount of people were associated with that place.
Key Personnel and Team Members
    The event management authority could have been the critical personnel in this matter as the whole incident had happened under their supervision. Other than that, the emergency team members can also play a crucial role to manage the striking aftereffects of the situation. The security aspect of the whole area should be handled with a higher rate of surveillance. In this case, the event management authority of the music fest could play the central role. Other than that they could have joined their hands with the police personnel so that the security can be tighter in that area.
After the incident had happened, the police personnel and teams could have the world...

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