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TOPIC - EFFECTS OF PERSONALITY ON WORK PERFORMANCE Part C: Discussion Summary (240 marks) Provide a descriptive summary that indicates the general themes discussed by the forum participants. ...

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Part C: Discussion Summary (240 marks)

Provide a descriptive summary that indicates the general themes discussed by the forum participants.

Incorporate suitable and credible theory, literature and relevant research into the discussion summary.

Correct length (approximately 1500 words), appropriate grammar, spelling, and length.

Convincing recommendations and conclusions drawn.

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Table of Contents
Discussion and Theories -----------------------------------------------------------------4
Big 5 personality traits------------------------------------------------------------------- 5
Are they universal traits?--------------------------------------------------------------- 8
Conclusion--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9
In today’s world, due to diversified job opportunities and multiple means of finding the right job being available are at hand, there are jobs for each personality in the world. People need to modify their approach and gather their wits to perform at a job in which their natural personality is hindered and they have to work in a factual manner. Personality affects the nature of the job and the way in which jobs are done. It is the personality of the person which determines the level of determination, quality of work, punctuality and many other factors such as leadership, team spirit, joyfulness and self-development. The human resource manager when hiring, gets to know many personalities in the crowd, all of them are technically stable and with minimal training would be fit for the targeted job, but the human resource manager looks for the attitude and the personality of the person. The attitude to lead and develop or the attitude of neuroticism. The attitude of neuroticism is harmful for the organisation and also to the peers. While the attitude of being curious and learning new things is productive for the team as well as the organisation.
A number of studies has shown clear dominance of certain types of personalities in the job culture. Personality types have a relationship with the management and the leadership, the decision making style and the practical analysis of the problem. The essay states the importance and characteristics of certain types of personalities on the performance given by the individual
Discussion and Theories
There are multiple theories which are related to the effect of personality on the performance of the work. The theories are:
· Big 5 personality
· Eysenck’s 3 traits
· Theory X & Theory Y
· Carl Jung’s Psychological Types
In this essay we would be explaining the concept of the Big 5 personality traits which affect how the nature and personality of a person would affect the quality of work and the performance of the job. (Judge, T.A. and Zapata, C.P., 2015)
Big 5 Personality Traits
The big 5 theory of personality gives the 5 measures that define the personality traits. These personality traits are known as OCEAN. The big 5 model is widely accepted theory among the researchers. The big 5 categories help define the personality traits which either make the team or
eak the team. The acronym OCEAN stands for:
Openness: A person with an attitude of openness is aware of the su
oundings and the work that is going around in the team. The person is associated with proactiveness and eager to do work. The team structure is blu
ed in such concepts and free lancers are supposed to showcase this kind of attitude....

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