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Self reflective learning log , no need referencing

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Self reflective learning log , no need referencing
Answered Same Day Jun 12, 2021


Abhinaba answered on Jun 15 2021
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To run business organizations, it has been a proven fact that almost multitude regarding that of the human resource strives for working in a coordinated manner, for which a leader is deemed essential. To my utter awe, I have learnt how leadership styles actually offer diverse variations in the changing business environment. Selection and consequent adoption of the right leadership styles aims in excelling with vigour, whereas, there appears to be people who do not select leadership styles eventually fail. Therefore, I believe that a better assessment of leadership styles has been done by done be by me with the observation of real-life business situations, such as this assignment has helped me gaining an understanding about the structural framework. It presents an opportunity to understand the way leadership styles prove their effectiveness in different organisation. The matters that involves the significance concerning that of the leadership is essentially important concerning any and every organization existing during this age of huge competition. However, leadership will be instrumental in aiming all the matters that will put forth each trait getting individual help for growth of the organization and therefore increase all the growth in business in an efficient manner.
I have learnt the importance of the importance of the trait theory and how it appear to be good and effective leaders share various common personality traits or characteristics. This has helped me in gaining an understanding regarding the identification of the necessary traits as well as the qualities. This has helped to provide an insight about how it contributes to the good decision-making skills, empathy, integrity, assertiveness and many more such traits, which are useful for an individual while leading others. This is the theory that has taught me about individuals are born with certain personality traits and that helps them in becoming leaders. It is due to this fact that the leadership quality comprises of different traits and therefore has helped me direct influencing the aspects of my leadership styles in a bewildering manner. It has consequently widened up my horizons and has given me new directions to my ability.
Another important aspect that I learnt that when you are a good leader then you will be able to
ing the team together, and work collectively to attain group goals in an effective manner. Along the aspects that traits I had contributed to my leadership quality, which stood with another important aspect that has helped in the attainment of success. Since I was embarked upon a course at the Murdoch University. The course was about the intercultural aspect and I was in charge of organizing a group project and lead that, it has helped me
idging the gap of being a leader and a follower.
Therefore, this was for me a mammoth task but I did not become submissive in this case, practiced democratic leadership style. This leadership style helped all the members of my group to come with their ideas and their opinions and for participating actively in a group decision. Listening to what others have to say about the situation has helped me being the leader to make better and well-informed decisions. This in contrast stood in complete opposition to that of an autocratic leadership style that turned out to be beneficial as this helped the organization to grow through the transparency, openness and integrity and has eventually helped me as the leader for building strong as well as long-term relations with my subordinates even after the university ended. The traits have infect allowed me to churn up the situational discomfort and make it harmonious to retain the liberal aspect.
Implications of the Leadership Style
By adhering strictly to this leadership, style has helped me in fostering a sense of control, autonomous attitude and therefore contributed to the participation among the members that led to the job satisfaction and eventually led to better productivity of all the team members. With this approach, Tim Cook managed to develop a sense of belongingness among the employees and motivated them to be responsible, creative and innovative while they provide their input for the betterment of the organization. I have strictly followed the various stages relating to Kolb’s experimental learning. Since I was embarked upon the academics, it has helped me to strive hard with the aspects that I learnt that belonged to different cultures and
ing together other opinions from people who actually belonged to different cultures. It has helped me in integrating the multifaceted aspect of different cultural notions, and has in fact contributed to the aspect of diversity. It meant that the things that I had observed over the years have helped me put it into action and reflect on what has been my undertaking. For Example- Since an Indian fought with a British during a group discussion leading to the age-old colonial struggle. I tried to calm them down by explaining the concept of orientalise and Occidentalism that had been developed by Edward Said. It was completely the resultant feature of my learning experience and my understanding to tackle the situation, which helped me to
ing the argument to a standstill.
Although a democratic leadership style appeared to me as one of the most popular and widely accepted leadership style in most of the situations, it does not promises the best solution to the challenge or issue being discussed. It sheds light on the aspect how democratic leadership had allowed my subordinates for intervening in taking minor decisions in the decision-making processes; it has enhanced the scope for innovation, nevertheless takes up more time....

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