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Question below to be answer only 75 words or more, this is for my interaction with classmates and also from your own opinion is fine! </o:p> </o:p> 1)</o:p> To create a plan to...

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Question below to be answer only 75 words or more, this is for my interaction with classmates and also from your own opinion is fine!


To create a plan to increase the quality of health care delivered at this facility, I would propose a two-fold assessment of service delivery. The first issue would be to have up-to-date data on the newest and most effective treatment models for treatment of the condition for which treatment was sought. In doing so, thye chances of quality outcomes will greatly increase; and quality health care outcomes is our number one goal: to serve the health care needs of the community we serve. And, without quality health outcomes, third party payers would not be willing to pay for services; and, in health care at present, the majority of payments are from third party payers' not to mention repeat customers that had "bad" health care experiences would also most likely look elsewhere for health care services.

The second part of this plan is to survey customers, patients, families and vendors, to verify that we are providing goods and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. Upon collection of that data, an analysis of what our strengths and weaknesses are; after analysis a plan to increase our weak points would be formed and implemented, with management at all levels not just supporting the changes, but leading those changes.

During implementation of the plan, constant monitoring of the plan would occur, for two reasons. First, to ensure that the staff is actually following the plan, and even better, embracing it, and also see if the changes were achieving the expected increases in quality that they were meant to bring about. If not, they could be adjusted to bring about the desired results.

The patient surveys would act to validate that the changes were "just what the doctor ordered", and that they were indeed increasing patient satisfaction, which must be a primary goal. The reason being, without patients, you cannot deliver services. Think of it: what good would it be to have a company that had no customers? You would not have a company for very long - as the overhead to operate the business without any customer to purchase goods and services and generate revenue to replace those operating funds could not remain open very long.

And, in doing this, it should also satisfy the regulatory agencies and see that compliance with legislatively mandated regulations, necessary to remain in operation, are satisfied also.

References: The Weinbach Group

XXXXXXXXXXAIU, Health Care Quality Improvement, 2019


While I am sure most of you have looked ahead to complete this week’s discussion board, I am curious to know everyone’s feelings when they hit the unit 4 tab & seen an assessment! Talk about instant panic and a smack of reality that this class and my other are my last two before I am done! Anyways, for this unit, I have a preferential group of healthcare organizations that I am looking forward to writing out & seeing which I prefer to go into detail over, so that will be a part of my research for unit 2. In addition, I do like to reach out to current or former employees of these healthcare organizations as they know best about the organization including their vision, mission, etc. For unit 3, I am going to have to really study over this one because at first glance, I am overwhelmed, and worried because I have no idea what it means, and if anyone understands it, please reach out to me as sometimes, I just need someone else’s point of view to understand. Unit 4; the reality & panic of an assessment but also, I am excited. Is there truly a way to prepare? No but this is our time to shine of everything we have learned over time. Unit 5; I may or may not be looking forward to this assignment. I do not think I can handle being a full-time leader of crisis management, but this will allow me to garner a better understanding and see if I do like it.

While reviewing peer feedback, the MUSE lessons, LibGuides, and more, I hope to deliver 3 quality pieces, and pass my assessment in unit 4. I also plan to reach out to organizations or their employees at least and hope to gain some personal insight. The AIU Library is available as we all know, and I use it if I am lucky enough to find exactly what I am looking for.

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Soumi answered on Dec 20 2021
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I completely agree with you as I also think implementation of the two-fold assessment system can be helpful in providing high quality treatment to the people. Evidence-based treatment is an effective treatment model. In evidence-based patient-centered research, healthcare providers first conduct the thorough research related to the disease or treatment, and then...

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