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Attended a Spanish group for AA MEETING ASSIGNMENT called Grupo Una Solución, about 10people older adults (1 woman).

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Reference Pg
Grader’s comments:
AA Grading Ru
Mental Health RNSG 2260
Week Due Student’s Name
Introduces the group Describes group characteristics (size,
purpose, rules, boundaries, content, themes, group process)
Identifies type of leadership & impact on group with examples
Therapeutic communication used with examples
Identifies group member roles with explanation of why the
particular member fit the role.
As a nurse how can you influence a patient to attend AA
Personal reactions with 2 therapeutic factors
Opinion of WHY 12 Step support groups work or not
What did you learn & HOW will you apply it?

3+ references in APA format
Grade: Pass or Fail (MUST be redone)
Incomplete & Resubmit
ein Complete = TF
Complete & present Present but incomplete
Does not address 2+ characteristics
Does not provide examples of leadership style
Does not offer examples
Does not give explanation
Does not answer the question completely
Does not address personal reactions OR discuss
the 2 therapeutic factors
Does not give opinion or cite 2 references
Does not address new knowledge with
Missing 1 or more references
Rev. 2-1
Answered 1 days After Mar 28, 2024


Dr. Sulabh answered on Mar 30 2024
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1. I studied an alcohol anonymous group in Virginia town in USA as a part of my project. I understood their religion, customs, traditions, and beliefs. This group is an alcohol rehabilitation center where regular meetings are held to rejuvenate the mindset of people suffering from alcohol addiction problems. The alcohol rehabilitation group follows a successive series of paths for overcoming the alcohol rehabilitation problem in life. The main motto of people suffering from alcohol ine
iation problems is to avoid the intake of excessive alcohol which can further lead to intoxication, ine
iation, hallucinations, and toxicity in the body. The size of this group is ten. The people in this group discuss their emotions, feelings, and cravings related to the intake of alcohol and discuss ways how to reduce the intake of alcohol and prevent the degradation of their health. The Roberts rule of Order is followed by the rehabilitation members visiting this group. The boundary, theme, and content include following the parliamentary rules of prohibiting or reducing the intake of alcohol with regular discussion amongst the members. Further spiritual methods of healing are practiced at the center to obtain peace of mind.
2. The process of leadership followed includes the rotation process where each group appoints a leader, officer, and secretary to run the regular affairs. There is a link between every member visiting the group with the secretary to keep in touch with the everyday meetings and discussions taking place. The leadership belongs to the democratic style of authority.

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