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assignment question
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David answered on Nov 30 2019
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Communication Project Proposal
Development of a communication policy
· Project people should have courtesy to each other and friendliness and helpfulness spirit must be present in their behaviour.
· Project members must maintain the privacy and confidentiality of people and information. It is recommended that people must communicate directly to resolve the conflicts.
· The criticism at work must be conservative for improving the business and must be delivered with respect and tact. Destructive criticism is not allowed.
· Project people must respect and promote diversity and must follow guidelines to create a good and open work culture without any discrimination to race, religion, nationality, gender and other factors.
· Inappropriate remarks to any person is unacceptable and the immediate termination will be enforced if found in abusive remark towards race, religion, physical attributes, mental or physical disability, ancestry, colour and other factors.
· Conflict of interests must be resolved with collaborative way.
· Marketing and communication strategy instructed by the management must be followed. Staff email policy must be followed....

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