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Task Description This assessment item requires you to work in a GROUP of 2 or 3 to consider:-  evolution of project management  project management practice, frameworks and standards  allocation of...

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Task Description
This assessment item requires you to work in a GROUP of 2 or 3 to consider:-
 evolution of project management
 project management practice, frameworks and standards
 allocation of responsibilities within the project management life cycle
 outputs within the life cycle
 strategies for continuous professional development
You must then undertake a presentation and submit a written script that explains and justifies project
management methodology (ies) that will be provided.
You must submit a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and then make a presentation to your peers that discusses
and explains your insights to the above (flex student will answer questions over the telephone).
You must also submit a written set of presentation notes or script that matches your presentation. The notes can
be either part of your PowerPoint presentation or written and submitted separately in Microsoft Wor

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Running Head: PROJECT MANAGEMENT         2
Project Management
Table of Contents
Selected Topic:    3
Introduction    3
History of Project management methodology    3
Purpose    4
Project framework for methodology    4
Types of Project Methodology    5
Traditional Approach of Project Management Methodology    5
Modern Approaches of Project Management Methodology    6
Project management life cycle    6
Conclusion    7
Selected Topic: “Project management methodology and its importance to a project manager in completing a project timely”
    The methodology of “Project Management” is defined a
angement of rationally related processes, methods, and practices that decide how best to plan, control, develop, and deliver projects with regular implementation of the process till the successful completion of the project and project’ termination (Kerzner, 2013).
History of Project management methodology
    Project management methodology is a concept that was introduced in 1960s. In this era, the business organizations started to look up towards the effective ways which could make things easier and help in the realization of the benefits of organization and facilitate in organizing the business work into a unique entity and structured. Later on, it is refe
ed to as the project. Collaboration and communication were the most important criteria to establish productive relationships among the different departments of the organizations and the teams. The word of the project has been modified and changed many times and new elements and functions have been included and new definitions have been evolved (Haugan, 2011). Further, the changes in standards, and legislations related to a project also force the project team to consider each aspect during the planning of a project to describe the limits and boundaries of the project that can influence the success of a project. After this, the concept of the project has been converted into project management methodology and it describes a set, of rules and principles that help to manage a project in a more accurate manner (Haugan, 2011).
Project methodology allows the project management manager and team to control the entire process of project management with the help of efficient problem solving and decision making. The purpose of the project methodology is to make sure the accomplishment of specific approaches, technologies, processes, methods and techniques. Therefore, it can be stated that a project management methodology gives a skeleton to...

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