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Please glance at the assessment done in the file attached below and complete the work according to the requirements

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Please glance at the assessment done in the file attached below and complete the work according to the requirements
Answered Same Day May 20, 2020 MNG00421 Southern Cross University


Akansha answered on May 25 2020
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Running head: Event Management
Event Management
Event Management
Student Name
University Name
Evaluation of the success or failure in achieving the event’s    3
Recommendations about the attaining the aims and objectives    3
Triple bottom line    5
Recommendations arising from the assessment of the impacts of the event    6
Assessment process used    7
Conclusion    9
References    10
Evaluation of the success or failure in achieving the event’s
This festival evokes the scrolls inspired by excellent films from all over Spain and is dedicated to the Palace Cinema. This year Spanish film festival
ought with 25 transport movies as part of a planned show cele
ating Spanish culture and film. The festival began with the trendy comedy The Tribe, sta
ing Paco León and Carmen Machi, following a “street dancing” cleaning lady reuniting with her long-lost son. Other highlights include No Filter, sta
ing 2013 festival guest Maribel Verdú, sta
ing Javier Cámara and genre dancing A
a from Blancanieves. The anti-traditional film director Bigas Luna, famous for his career in launching Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem, will pay tribute to four films this year, including the Jamón Jamón special event in a specific city. The film festival continues to cele
ate the visionary director, Reel Directoras has five contemporary Spanish films, all hosted by women. Em
ace the special Spanish movie lineup and discover today's scroll inspiracion.
Recommendations about the attaining the aims and objectives
Event safety always needs to be the top priority for event planners. An inte
upted event led to negative publicity. As more and more planners begin to pay more attention to safety, security has actually become an event trend. As an event organizer or planner, an important part of your responsibility is to ensure that everyone involved in the event is in a safe environment. As a large number of people come together, it is very important to remind them from a security perspective. From threats, protests, accidents to general emergencies, there are many scopes that can ruin your carefully planned events (Ribeiro, 2014). Do not let it happen, follow some tips to ensure the safety of the event. For many events, the actual number of participants fluctuated in many events. Those who have been planning to attend late or leave early may have a huge impact on the number of people occupying your site. It must be remembered that an overcrowded site can be as dangerous as a public attack, which makes quantity-based planning crucial.
Identification and critical analysis
Positive impact of event:
The incident had a major impact on the country’s economic situation. Thousands of people participated in the activities of the Spanish Film Festival. As a result, the activity
ought high incomes. This greatly contributes to the Australian economy and contributes to economic growth and prosperity (Bachman, 2012). Thousands attended the Spanish Film Festival to watch movies, and most of the films are rich in culture and art. This enables viewers to learn more about the various cultures of the world through these films and enhance their knowledge. The Spanish Film Festival plays an important role in the political influence of the country. Some laws aim to protect and regulate all aspects of the event. These laws help to maintain the incident and properly promote the political aspects of the country.
Negative impact of event:
The Spanish Film Festival
oadcasts many movies to many audiences every day during the event. As a result, a large amount of sound pollution is generated, greatly affecting the environment. Various issues are related to the management of the Spanish Film Festival activities (Gibson, 2014). The biggest problem is the safety and security of the audience participating in the event. In order to find risks and threats, everything will be properly checked before the incident begins.
Triple bottom line
The TBL methods come from finance and accounting and are measure of organizational success. It takes into account the effects of activity on the economy moreover the environment and combines them into system (Lee, 2013). Therefore, the purpose of this approaches are to provide more comprehensive and comprehensive outline of impacts of the incident rather than simply analyzing the impact of the incident with single elements (for example company success as well as income level). This obviously applies to incident management advocated by Fairley et al. (2010) because...

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