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Page 1 of 7 Assessment 3 — Android Programming — Term 1 2020 Due date: Electronic submission via Moodle by 11.45pm AEST, Friday, Week 12, 5 June 2020 ASSESSMENT Weighting: 20% of total unit assessment...

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Assessment 3 — Android Programming — Term 1 2020
Due date:
Electronic submission via Moodle by 11.45pm AEST,
Friday, Week 12, 5 June 2020
Weighting: 20% of total unit assessment
3 Length: As required

This assessment requires you to add email, http and Google maps to the MusicPro application.
You are required to add the following features to the MusicPro applications
1. Send an invitation to the cu
ent venue in the details view by opening the share facility and
loading the email with a title and body text
2. Fetch the details of the weeks top-rated venue from a remote web server using HTTP
3. Add a new activity that displays Google Maps with a marker for the top-rated venue
Project Requirements
• You must start with the assessment 1 solution provided
• You must not use any techniques that were not covered in the tutorials
Violating either of these requirements may result in the submission receiving a mark of zero.
1. Email Message
• Update the Details Page to include a Send Invitation button as shown below.
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• Set the email title to be Invitation
• Set the email body to be
You are invited to venue_name_here
• If the venue has an openning time append the text
tonight at venue_opening_time_here
• Open the chooser to select the send application
• The button should not respond if the name or address is empty
See share and email example below
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NOTE: You do NOT need to open the contact list to select a recipient
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2. Fetch Top-Rated Venue

You are to establish a http connection to the following URL and download the JSON file using an
AsyncTask. The JSON file will provide the details of the top-rated venue.

The JSON data will be in the following format.
{ "name" : "Salt House",
"address" : "The Pier, Cairns",

Complete the following tasks:
• Copy the FlickrFetchr class file to your application
• Rename FlickrFetch to VenueFetchr
• Modify it to download the venue details and return a single venue object
• Execute the AsyncTask thread when the application starts to fetch the top-rated venue
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3. Google Map
Complete the following tasks:
• Create a new Map Activity
• Open the map activity from the Map button on the main page
• Pass the downloaded top-rated venue to the map activity
Set the following:
• Position (center) the map on the location of the top-rated venue using its latitude and
• Zoom to a factor of 14
• Display a marker at the venue location
• Display the name of the venue when the user clicks on the marke
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Google Maps

1. Creating a New Google Maps Key
You can create a new Google Maps Key but be aware you have a limit of 5 keys.
To create a new Google maps key for this app (note that you have a limit of 5)
• Ctrl + click on the link in google_maps_api.xml
• Follow the same procedure we did in the tutorial
2. Reusing Your Tutorial Google Maps Key
If you wish to reuse the key from the tutorial
• Ctrl + click on the link in google_maps_api.xml
• Do NOT click Create New Project => Continue as we did previously
• Click Select a Project from the top left on the menu bar
The projects will have random names so if you have more than one you may have to check out the
contents to match the key you want to reuse
• Select a project from the dropdown and the name will change in the dropdown
o Note that nothing else will change
• Select the three horizontal lines to expand the menu
• Select APIs & Services => Credentials
• Check the creation Date and the Key to match the key you want to reuse
• Click Edit (the pencil) on the right of the API key entry
• In Key restrictions => Application restrictions select None
• Select Save
Problems with Google Maps
If you have problems with Google Maps try the following
In your Android Studio project
• Uninstall the app on the phone
• Select Build => Clean
• Select File => Invalidate Caches / Restart => Invalidate and Restart
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You are required to submit your assignment electronically via the Moodle course website. The
deliverable is a zip folder containing all the code and resources needed for to run the program.

The file must be created using File => Export to Zip File
The zip must be called
Assessment Marking Criteria

Component Criteria Marks
Email Email opened for sending from new button on details page 1
Email does not open if name or address are not present 1
Chooser is opened (specified in the intent) 1
Title and body text co
ect 1

HTTP Top-rated venue retrieved from specified URL using modified FlickrFetchr 2
Threads AsyncTask implemented co
ectly in main activity to fetch venue 2
AsyncTask executed co
ectly on start up 1
JSON Parse method co
ectly decodes and returns a Venue object 2

Google Map Google Maps added as new map activity 1
Map activity opens from main page 2
Imports and permissions set co
ectly 1
Map is centered on top-rated venue and zoom is set co
ectly 1
Marker is set to venue location with title displayed when clicked 1

Coding Style Appropriate naming conventions, adequate commenting, well formatted 2
Submission Zip file generated using File/Export to zip (entire project not zipped) and file
is named as specified 1


1. Submissions must not use code or techniques that have not been covered in this subject
2. Submission must be created from the project provided
    Assessment 3 — Android Programming — Term 1 2020
    Project Requirements
    1. Email Message
    2. Fetch Top-Rated Venue
    3. Google Map
    Google Maps
    1. Creating a New Google Maps Key
    2. Reusing Your Tutorial Google Maps Key
    Problems with Google Maps
    Assessment Marking Criteria

Android Programming: Part 2 Assignment Guide
Email, HTTP, AsyncTask, and Google Maps
This assessment requires you to build on the first assessment. You are to use the assessment 1 solution project supplied.
Read the assessment specifications for more details.
Note that this is a general guide not a detailed solution to the assignment.
1. Email
For this task you are to add a button to the details page to send an invitation email.
· Add the email button to the details page layout
· Add a method to the details fragment to create the email invitation message
· Add the email button onClick() method
· Create the ACTION_SEND intent (with chooser enabled) and start the chooser activity
Use the week six tutorial project as a guide for this section
For this task you will download details for the top-rated venue in JSON format from the specified URL.
· Use the week 7 tutorial project as a guide for this section
Add the from the PhotoGallery tutorial project to your project and rename it VenueFetchr. Remember to copy and paste into Android Studio and not drag
· Leave getUrlBytes() and getUrlString() as they are
VenueFetchr : FetchItems()
· Remove the 8 lines of the Uri builder as we do not need to append parameters
· Simply set the URL string to the specified URL
VenueFetchr : ParseItems()
Note that this method returns the results by reference. We only want to return a single venue rather than a list of gallery items
· Change the method parameters to suit
· Remove the loop and the JSONA
ay variable (as we only have one venue to decode)
· Set the venue object attributes from the JSONObject
Using week 7 as a guide
· Add a FetchItemsTask (AsyncTask) to your main activity
· Execute the AsyncTask in onCreate()
Android Manifest.xml
Using the Week 7 project and tutorial document as a guide
· Add the necessary network permissions
· Remember that if you run it before asking permission you will need to uninstall the app and run it again
There is one additional permission you need to add otherwise Android will not access a non https domain.
· Add the following at the end of the application tag (within the tag not after it)

3. Google Maps
Add a new Google Maps activity to the project
Use the week 10 tutorial project as a guide to complete the following.
· Set permissions as per tutorial documents
· Set apache legacy in manifest as per tutorial documents
· See appendix for reusing your google map key (see tutorial document if you do not have one)
· Add Google play-services to your gradle file as per the tutorial document
· Remember to select sync
· Remember that if you run it before asking permission you will need to uninstall the app and run it again
Passing the Venue
· Make the Venue class serializable
public class Venue implements Serializable
· Start the Maps activity from the Map button on the Main page
· Pass the top-rated venue to the Maps activity on start (it can be passed using Extras now that it implements serializable)
· In onMapReady() set the position, zoom and marker
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