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Final ProjectThis assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements:CLR 1: Write a graphical user interface-based program, given design documents. Techniques used will be...

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Final Project

This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements:

  • CLR 1: Write a graphical user interface-based program, given design documents. Techniques used will be object-oriented programming, structured programming, top-down coding, and event-driven coding.
  • CLR 4: Debug program problems using manual and programmatic methods.
  • CLR 6: Access and modify a database table from within the graphical user interface. Create a layered application (Presentation, Business, and Data access layers). Use a Data Access layer to provide data access to an application.
  • CLR 7: Create GUI programs that support internationalization as well as sustainability.
  • CLR 8: Collaborate with fellow students in a team to complete complex assignments.

Objective of this Assignment:

The Project is assigned to give you experience in:

  • Developing software including using Github to merge code into the project.
  • Working with a workload to meet deadlines.
  • Designing modular software that allows for meeting those deadlines.

Pre-Assignment Instructions

This final project can be completed in pairs. If you wish, you may select a partner. You will be collaborating and communicating with one another. Ensure that both names are associated to the project. Otherwise you can complete this project solo.

Assignment Tasks/Steps

The Application Topics

BBC News reader

  • The user can download the latest news headlines from:
  • Your application should show the titles in a listview. When the user selects an item, it shows the details about the news article. You should show the title, description, and date of the article, as well as a link to the website for the article. Clicking on the link should load the Android web browser to that page.
  • The user can save articles to a favourites list for later viewing. The user can also delete articles from the favourites list.

You must implement this list of the requirements for the final project:

  1. The project must have a ListView somewhere to present items. Selecting an item from the ListView must show detailed information about the item selected.

  2. The project must have at least 1 progress bar and at least 1 button.

  3. The project must have at least 1 edit text with appropriate text input method and at least 1 Toast and 1 Snackbar.

  4. The software must have at least 4 or more activities. Your activity must be accessible by selecting a graphical icon from a Toolbar, and NavigationDrawer. The top navigation layout should have the Activity’s title, and a version number.

  5. The project must use a fragment somewhere in its graphical interface.

  6. Each activity must have a help menu item that displays an AlertDialog with instructions for how to use the interface.

  7. There must be at least 1 other language supported by your Activity. Please use Canadian French as the secondary language if you do not you know a language other than English.

  8. The items listed in the ListView must be stored by the application so that they appear the next time the application is launched. The user must be able to add and delete items, which would then also be stored in a database.

  9. When retrieving data from an http server, the activity must use an AsyncTask.

  10. The project must use SharedPreferences to save something about the application for use the next time the application is launched.

  11. All activities must be integrated into a single working application, on a single emulator, and must be uploaded to GitHub.

  12. The interfaces must look professional, with GUI elements properly laid out and aligned.

  13. The functions and variables you write must be properly documented using JavaDoc comments.

Beginning Steps

  • Create a new project and then upload it to GitHub using the menu option “VCS” -> “Import Into Version Control” -> “Share project on GitHub”.
  • You must then invite the professor to contribute in order to give them the ability to view your code at any time. This is done by clicking on the “Settings” tab in Github, then click “Collaborators” on the left side menu, and search the professors name to add them to the project.

Submission Guide

Your submission for the final project should contain two parts:

  1. Requirements document
    You should submit a PDF that contains each of the requirements above, with explanations and screenshots of the running app demonstrating how the requirement was fulfilled.
  2. ZIP file from GitHub
    This serves as a record, and backup if there are any issues retrieving your code from GitHub.
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