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Personal Styles and Behaviors Submit Feedback Reflect in ePortfolio Previous Next Show Description Hide Description As people are different, they will also differ in the manner they react and deal...

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Personal Styles and Behaviors

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As people are different, they will also differ in the manner they react and deal with conflict. Some will choose rationally between the strategies, as to which one will better serve their desired outcome. But some may adopt a conflict "style" when reacting to different conflict situations or to the people with whom they are in dispute.

  1. What are the factors that affect the way disputants behave?
  2. Is it only their character or is it also a tactical decision to adopt a certain style?

I need 3-4 paragraphs, 2-3 in-text citations, APA, 2-3 References

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Soumi answered on Mar 11 2020
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Running Head: PERSONAL STYLES AND BEHAVIORS                    1
Table of Contents
1. Factors influencing the way disputants behave    3
2. If adopting a certain style is their character or a tactical decision    3
References    4
1. Factors influencing the way disputants behave
    In a workplace, conflicts arise due to the different reactions of the involved individuals in the conflict, to the situation and their behaviors towards one another. As stated by Druckman and Wall (2017), these behavior and reactions are the outcomes of certain factors that influence the disputants. One of these factors is the nature of the individuals or parties involved. If they are considerate and cooperative, conflicts can be evaded. Another factor is workplace stress that makes...

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