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one company(ALDI) from the 2017 Effie Awards and prepare a written strategic marketing report using a business style format Each group will design, research, analyse and make strategic recommendations...

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one company(ALDI) from the 2017 Effie Awards and prepare a written strategic marketing report using a business style format Each group will design, research, analyse and make strategic recommendations for the company. The recommendations can be based upon your own insights and evidence, which will be guided by strategic marketing concepts from the subject. The team must develop the strategies and activation plan to improve the overall success of the brand. You should make sensible assumptions on what publicly available information you can find. Part of this task is to have students work with people who they may not know or have worked with before. You will need to use your teamwork skills to ensure that all members of the group work effectively and contribute equally to the task. Students are to complete and submit a peer review statement with their completed assignment. In any dispute regarding the work the Lecturer will be the final arbitrator and may penalise one or all group members as they determine.1 Introduction/BackgroundA brief background to the company and key issues being addressed by the report. Current vision, mission and marketing aims should also be clear and be presented in a professional manner.2 Situation AnalysisA brief review of the problems and opportunities that have been identified and form the basis for the strategy being developed.3 Strategy DevelopmentReferring to relevant theories present details of the strategy being developed and a rationale for all decisions proposed. It should be clear how the theories are integrated into the strategy. Demonstrated an integration of a PEST analysis, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, brand positioning analysis, and marketing aim and promotional objectives with the competitive strategies. Demonstrates a very good understanding of the brand’s position in the industry and in terms of the competition. Ensure the proposed strategies are effective realistic and implementable.
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Table of contents
Mission ------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------4
ent problems -----------------------------------------------------------------------5
ALDI is the common
and for the 2 discount supermarket chains that are spread over 10000 stores with 20 countries. The total turnover of the organisation is approximately €50 billion. The organisation is German and was founded by 2
others Karl and Theo Al
echt in the year 1946. Their mother had a store in Essen and the 2
others overtook the operations and the handling of this store. The store was in operation since the year 1913. (Tu
an, E., Whiteside, J., King, D. and Outland, J., 2017)
The group ALDI was split into two by the 2
others. The groups were named as ALDI Nord and ALDI Sud. Aldi Nordd was headquartered in Essen and Aldi Sud was headquartered in Mulheim.
Internationally ALDI stores are spread over 8000 stores worldwide. Aldi Nord is responsible for the stores in Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Poland, Denmark and Poland.
ALDI Sud expanded in the United states under the ALDI banner through organic expansion and has expanded throughout Eastern and Midwestern US and also to the Southern California market.
Aldi North Group
The mission statement is “Simply ALDI”. (Metzger, K., 2014)It describes the motivation and the drive to continuously set standards for food...

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