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n chapter 4 of Terry Cooke-Davies' book Aspects of Complexity Christopher Loch and Frederick C. Payne catalogue what project management might be able to do about complexity (Cooke-Davies 2011, p...

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n chapter 4 of Terry Cooke-Davies' bookAspects of ComplexityChristopher Loch and Frederick C. Payne catalogue what project management might be able to do about complexity (Cooke-Davies 2011, p XXXXXXXXXXThe "Can Do" items they list are: -

  1. Reduce Complexity: Decouple and Modularize (p.43)
  2. Freeze Components (p.43)
  3. Control-and-Fast-Response (p.44)
  4. Small Steps and Controlling Variability (p.46)
  5. The Role of Strategy (p.46)

Please select one of the "Can Do" items from the list of six above and discuss how some of the features of the item that Loch and Payne describe could have been used in the BP Deepwater Horizon case study in PPMP20012?

In not more than 1,000 words make your explanation by typing rich text directly into the editor field for your submission.

*** the case study is about deep water horizon *** and I have no access to this case study

Answered Same Day Aug 16, 2020 PPMP20012 Central Queensland University


Akansha answered on Aug 17 2020
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In the given book by (Cooke-Davies, 2011), Loch and Payne have described the word complexity in a project of Deepwater Horizon as something that makes the accomplishment of project goals difficult. Due to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, marine organisms faced the effect of toxic substances such as PAHs (polyaromatic hydroca
ons). This Oil Spill took place in the Gulf of Mexico that led to the owners of the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem to
ing on a project on this and think of some feasible solutions. Loch and Payne gave few solutions for this like if a project small or large is divided into smaller fragments, it will become easier to complete it. They say that technical skills are required to achieve project success. However, better interaction with the team and the client can help in completing the project in an efficient manner. To resolve the issue of complexity, the role of strategy is discussed by Loch and Payne.
Case Study
They say that the strategy used for project influences the way it is delivered to a client. Furthermore, strategic planning and decision help to create a good reputation among the clients. Strategies help in clarifying the list of activities that will be going to be used during the project. Complexities...

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