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Management theory and thought course. All answers supposed to be in details and theoretical.

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Management theory and thought course. All answers supposed to be in details and theoretical.
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Arun answered on Mar 13 2020
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Shortened workday analysis
Q1. Would a shortened workday motivate you to do a better job? Why or why not
It is found that eight hours work a day is a standard system at the workplace. But the recent studies also reveal that this pattern may not be able to increase output of the employees as it was once assumed. The study reveals that those workers work for standard 40 hours have a percentage of 42 percent. 40 percent workers work for 50 hours or more (“The six- hour workday,” 2017). Remaining 18 percent American people work for over 60 hours per week. Considering this pattern, it is also recognized that average worker is usually disrupted at the work-place in every three minutes. The average person also takes 23 minutes to return to the task. The top 10 percent of the employees having highest productivity generally do not work for 8 hours. The study on nurses working for six hours took much less sick leaves that those that work for 8 hours or more. The nurses were also found happier and productive. The study in Sweden also confers the same finding. The refe
ed case reveals that shorter duration at work-place actually motivates employees to work better. In the United Kingdom, 6 out of the 10 bosses reveal that cutting the hours actually boosted the productivity. The findings suggest the cutting the work hours actually boosts up the performance. The example of Sweden reveals mixed success for the government and private organization. The company Publicity Guy offers...

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