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In this Module 4 Case Assignment you will build upon the Problem Scoping analysis you prepared in your Module1 SLP assignment by: Developing three alternative solutions that address the problem...

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In this Module 4 Case Assignment you will build upon the Problem Scoping analysis you prepared in your Module1 SLP assignment by:

  1. Developing three alternative solutions that address the problem definition and criteria that you identified.
  2. Comparing the pros and cons of those three alternatives.
  3. Selecting the best alternative.
  4. Developing a logical argument to support your choice.

Use theEvaluate Alternative Solutions Template to complete your Case Assignment.

Note: Developing alternative solutions is essentially a brainstorming process. What can you do to solve the problem? That is an alternative. Proposed alternatives should be consistent with the problem(s) that you identified in your Module1 SLP assignment.

Developing a list of good alternatives involves creativity and avoiding preconceived attitudes (knee-jerk solutions) and assumptions. Guidelines for alternative development include:

  2. Good designers try to generate as many possible solutions as they can before choosing one that they feel is the best. This creative process of developing ideas is called ideation.
  3. Methods of ideation include:
    1. Examine existing solutions
    2. Conduct brainstorming sessions. Remember the first rule of brainstorming – every idea is a viable one.
    3. Develop as many alternatives as possible. When you are done, try to categorize your alternatives. Then develop three alternatives.
    4. Sketching and doodling to create pictures of possible solutions.

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David answered on Dec 27 2019
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Assignment: Evaluate Alternative Solutions
Problem Statement:
Getting the Master's which other supervisors have is a concern. The Master's Degree tends to be the prerequisite for better opportunity and scale offered while the present organization does provision the support of giving aid for the education. I have the opportunity to have the education aid covered as part of my cu
ent job. Moving to the new organization would need the Master’s Degree as a prerequisite.
Alternative #1
The first alternative is to continue to work as part of the existing organization. This would enable to continue with my education pursuit and the cost of the education can be well taken care by the organization. This would give me a chance to exhibit better skills too.
It does relate to the constraints and the criterion that is being identified in the document pertaining to problem scoping as the cost of getting the Master's degree is too high and yet the degree is necessary if I need to upscale myself. The cu
ent job with me is cu
ently offering me to repay the cost pertaining to the education. The same situation would not be when I move to a different organization.
Although the opportunity would stand to be lucrative considering the role and responsibilities, the position as such requires a Master's Degree as a prerequisite.
Alternative #2

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