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I have uploaded the requirements below hope that will be completed as per the requirements and is of 900 words in total

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I have uploaded the requirements below hope that will be completed as per the requirements and is of 900 words in total
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Tp Academic answered on Jul 25 2020
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
A) Selection of the Tourism Company    3
) Statistics related to details of the plan    3
c) Major Visitors of Travelmarvel    5
d) Critical Evaluation of Advertisement based on Several Marketing Theories    5
Conclusion    6
References    7
Appendix    8
An advertisement is an efficient and effective way of promoting services, goods and new ideas. It is the paid way of formal communication made among potential customers. The origin of advertisement is a Latin word "Advertere" which refers to the concept of turning the minds of potential customers towards a new service or product. This study aims to shed light on a specific advertisement of an Australian tourism company and details of their tour package. Here is a critical analysis of the advertisement based on several marketing theories. The primary aim of the study is to evaluate the process of advertisement and the importance of it in the tourism industry.
A) Selection of the Tourism Company
Travelmarvel is one of the reputed tourism companies in Australia. The organisation often conducts premium tours with proper travel guide across the nation (, 2018). Here, one advertisement from the newspaper has been chosen in the context of Travelmarvel, Australia. The advertisement aims to promote the tourism company which is associated with the hospitality industry. The organisation has decided to satisfy their customers by guiding them in tours and travels and make them comfortable in every possible way. The advertisement contains the itinerary of the complete tour and also includes the details of facilities that the travellers will get during their tour. The advertisement is attractive enough to draw the attention of the travel lovers and obtain their interest towards the tourism company. The organisation actively involved in promoting the plans and ideas through advertisement (, 2018).
(Refer to appendix)
) Statistics related to details of the plan
The advertisement reflects the length of stay of the complete travel plan. In accordance to Boateng and Okoe (2015, p.300), every advertisement should contain all the details of the travel plan for the convenience of the travellers. Travellers are the foundation of any tourism and hospitality industry; the organisations entirely rely on their customers for getting success in their business. As per the advertisement is chosen, the length of the stay is 18 days and it is a guided tour by Travelmarvel.
· The tour includes a visit to the Swan River, Perth by Cruise service (, 2018).
· A visit to "Flying Doctor Service" in Alice Springs, Australia (, 2018).
· To provide the travellers with the essence of "Ayers Rock Sunset" (, 2018).
· Refreshment at the “Far North Queensland” Beach (, 2018).

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