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Completing the Laws of Growth

The Laws of Growth will be typed and placed in chapter sequence order in tab five of your IDP binder. The Laws of Growth are also subject to the IDP status check dates. The Laws of Growth should be covered sequentially and chapters should be completed at a pace of roughly one per week.

For this assignment you will:

• Read the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

• Write a self-reflection journal entry for each chapter that is 2/3 to 1 full page in length (typed, 12 font, 1 or 1.15 spaced) about your current state in regard to each growth area and the extent to which you can further develop in each growth area. If course materials, activities, discussions shed light on your self-reflection, that should be noted in your entry. Put the chapter number and chapter title at the top of each journal page.
Chapter reading and journal dates:

Chapters 1-5: By first status check date
Chapters 6-10: By second status check date
Chapters 11-15: By due date
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Table Of Content:
Introduction -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3
Law Of Intentionality – Growth Doesn’t Just Happen ~ Life is now in session. Are you present? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4
Law Of Awareness – You must know yourself to grow yourself----------------------------------5
Law of the Mi
or – You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself. ------------------6
Law of Reflection – Learning to pause allows growth to catch up with you---------------------7
Law of Consistency – Motivation gets you going, Discipline keeps you Growing!-------------8
Law of Environment – Growth Thrives in conducive su
Law of design – To maximise growth, develop strategies-----------------------------------------10
Law of Pain – Good Management of bad experiences leads to great growth-------------------11
Law of the Ru
er Band – Growth stops when you lose the tension of where you are and where you could be.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12
Law of Ladder – Character growth determines the height of your personal growth ----------13
Law Of Trade-offs: You have to give-up to Go up-------------------------------------------------14
Law of curiosity – growth is stimulated by asking WHY?----------------------------------------15
Law of Modelling – it is hard to improve when you have no one to follow but yourself.----16
Law of expansion – Growth always increases your capacity.-------------------------------------17
Law of contribution – Growing yourself helps you to grow others------------------------------18
Conclusion -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19
The 15 invaluable Laws Of Growth: Live them and reach their full potential – John Maxwell is a very interesting book about the 15 laws that can lead to success in a very systematic way. The growth should be intentional and aligned with the person’s passion and should be accomplished with dedication. Dedication plays a very important role in making a career out of passion. These are tried and tested methodologies which have worked in multiple cases and gives us a framework through which a person can develop a successful leadership qualities and career. John Maxwell is a passionate writer and has also written a TO DO LIST. Even business managers and leaders accomplish great deeds and excellence by growing and also a man has said “You need to change something daily in order to change your life”
1. Law Of Intentionality – Growth Doesn’t Just Happen ~ Life is now in session. Are you Present?
You must have the intension and desire in order to make yourself stronger. Without it we can just wait and see if something good happens, without contributing anything towards it. Too many people drive in this rat race having this mind-set where you don’t go and prepare yourself and make this happen even when the right opportunity comes along, you are more than likely to miss it.
Related to this context, I always understood that life is a continuous working phase. Life does not stop at anything. This goes on with the aspect of education too. I always thought that education up-to a certain level and degree would be enough to sustain myself and to lead a rapid career growth and development. But as I grow I understand that learning in life is continuous. You learn from:
I always understood that gradually I would understand what I want to do, when I want to do and how should I proceed in life. This mind-set had
ought me to a little lighter side of my career. A lesser pressure helped me to understand my career option which I want to proceed throughout my life and not just work, but passionately work. Here I understood that turning passion into career is a difficult choice, but if done properly would lead to a happy and a content life where the job I do would be the job I love to do.
Growth does not happen automatically. This was taught to me from my childhood days. Growth needs patience, Growth needs nurturing and Growth needs the sunlight of confidence, motivation, positivity, integrity, passion and hard work. If growth could be achieved by everyone, it would not have been special. During my childhood days, I used to go to learn Martial Arts. The art form is known as Taekwondo. It is a martial art form in which we utilise the lower part of the body more than the upper part. The upper part of the body is only for defending the opponent’s move. When we started training, the master used to make us do 10 push-ups every day and we used to run lapses of rounds. This would make us tried to a great extent. But due to his motivation and his eye to making us perfect, we continued. In a time span of few months, those push ups became 50 knuckle push-ups and those lapses of rounds became meters of running, jogging, side jogging, skipping and sprint running.
Growth did not happen automatically. I worked for it. I put my sweat in it and believed that I could do it and I did it. It made me a stronger person and a better martial artist.
2. Law Of Awareness – You must know yourself to grow yourself
If you don’t know yourself, it’s time to know yourself. What are you good at and what are you bad at. Are you good with sports? Numbers? Languages? We should be aware of our strengths and weaknesses both In and Out! In order to know which area you need to work on to become better. If I don’t know which areas I am good or bad at, how am I supposed to know where am I supposed to grow and better myself
This is a stage where decision about knowing who you are and what you want to do makes an impact. Understanding my strengths and weaknesses were the main criteria. I undertook many tests and took guidance from many consultants from which many were my family members and friends. They knew me better and they knew me the best! They have seen me passionately and with love and care. I’ve met people who have achieved their goals and I understood, knowing who you are and what the goal is the main deal. I’ve been undergoing various skill development trainings, certifications, goal setting, short & long term goal procedures etc. I consider myself to be developing and creating a new path for myself. I excelled in math and chemistry but career developing in it is a thought to be thought upon. Strengths and weaknesses are present in everyone, developing a leadership from strength requires courage. To be an effective leader in future I have to know what I am capable of achieving.
I had a friend who was not at all focussed in life. She used to take part in everything and anything. She was the actual one whom we could say, jack of all trades and master of none. She would show interest in many things but could not understand which one to pursue as a career for life. Selection and persuasion required efforts and leaving the other things aside, she had to move towards selecting a profession and gaining the power. Focus is what she required and she required to peek inside to understand her strengths and weaknesses. Understanding one’s weakness is a point which creates the difference. There is a saying” You want to lose small, But I want to win big”. It is from a sitcom by the name “SUITS”. The confidence of the character is by the strength in his knowledge, judgement, analysis and smartness. The more knowledge, the better the judgement.
She understood her strengths, she understood her core capabilities, and she understood her knowledge. Cu
ently she is in military and she is posted at a very high rank. She is the commanding officer with a strength of 200 people under her. From a jack of all trades and master of none, she’s now the master of 1 trade which changed her life.
Understand yourself, know yourself, Grow along with circumstances in order to make a better career and a better life.
Self-reflection is necessary to grow and would need dedication to understand our strength and weakness
3. Law of the Mi
or – You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself.
When you see in the mi
or, do u see that you can add more value to what you are seeing in the mi
or. In order to add value to yourself you must first see potential in yourself and with that you can see yourself achieve! Without visualization there is no belief and without belief there is no desire
This law, when I read the book “The 15 invaluable laws of growth”, connected to me the most. The immediate weakness that I saw when I looked at myself was that I was not able to be an active participant in many serious topics such as political systems, the crimes and many such serious issues like international economies and effect of one major economy on other economies. I understood that I need to read more and I need to understand more. Also I do not express myself clearly which I have to change if I want to be a leader who can influence others and guide them in the co
ect path. I want to add value to myself by learning more things, learning more about people who changed history and learning about those who have the capability to change the world and those who are in power. Listening to more group discussions and being a part of such speeches and debates would help me understand more about this. Also I have started reading articles, journals, started watching videos, news channels etc. and I have taken the first step towards adding value and making myself better.
One more instance I can remember is my friend saying that he is not worthwhile to be friends with because he used to get low marks in exams. This was one argument during my school days which I couldn’t forget. The guy had very few friends due to lack of self-confidence and no boost of energy. As the law of mi
or says, you must see value in yourself to add value to yourself. To add value to self, one should see the potential to add value to self. The friend had no self-confidence and lacked the boost to create self-worth and development. By training and interactive sessions from counsellor, the friend started opening up. His grades improved, his confidence was touching the sky, the level of understanding of the person sky rocketed and the ego level of the friend was ZERO. Yes, ego level didn’t rise a notch. To add value to his own life, he chose different ways and methods. In spite of gaining knowledge, ego levels were very limited. The friend is now a scientist and has completed multiple patents in his name and is doing well.
The friend added value to himself after understanding the self-worth and the value that he is capable to add to the education. The friend understood that in order to grow, he has to let go of his fears and stay confident. The growth was exponential which led a shy guy in the class to become a scientist at a reputed firm.
In my case, I have understood that I need to evolve, I need to develop and I need to train myself in confidence. I need to understand that it is just a debate and passing on the ideas over a table. Sometimes they get distracted and let the topic of discussion run away, but confidence in speaking leads the way and gives the direction to the debate.
4. Law of Reflection – Learning to pause allows growth to catch up with you
If we go to gym 7 times a week and for 2-3 hours, how can we give our body the time to grow? Hence sometimes pauses are needed in order to give growth to catch-up, this also gives time to wait and understand and make changes in the plan accordingly
We have to understand that each development takes time. I am of the thought process that if I am learning a skill, I have to implement it ASAP and get the benefits out of it. But I’ve realised that some inputs are long term bonds, which give you returns only after a specific period of time, growth and development. The same is in leadership skill. I may consider myself a better leader but there may be better people around me whose time has not yet come. There may be people who do not think I am as good a leader as one requires, at this stage I have to develop and give assurance that I am learning new things and learning new methods and giving my best in order to achieve the level of satisfaction and excellence that one may require. I will develop myself better, but for that time and patience is required. Trust is required and it is hard to get. There have been cases of politicians who have promised and not even delivered, which reduces the trust of people. They take advantage of people’s trust and never deliver the value they promise to delive
Learning to pause gives life to catch-up in the cu
ent fast paced world that we are living. The developments that are happening overnight, the buildings that are constructed overnight, the sky scrapers, the businesses, the governments that are formed overnight and split overnight. The mergers and acquisitions and the developments that zoop the speed and have reached the audience. In order to live life and understand life, we need to slow down. We need to understand what is going around us and not just be a part of the environment. We have to think to be apart from the environment. To be different from the crowd, we have to be innovative. In order to be innovative, we have to relax and think what can be done.
All leaders take time to understand and develop. They take time to schedule and reschedule their meetings in order to understand what innovation can be done to better the life of the citizens. Leaders meet is called in to stop and understand where the countries are heading towards and...

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