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Rupsha answered on Jun 05 2021
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Task 1
CSR or corporate social responsibility accounts for a company being responsible socially and ca
ying out tasks that are for the betterment of the society. For Tata Steel the policies designed for the operation of the company highly promote the corporate social responsibilities of the company and contribute to the betterment of the environment. Steel industry is a heavy industry and includes a lot of work and factories. As opined by Das et al. (2018), that is why Tata Steel takes utmost care to make sure that the factories are run in an environment friendly way. From the profits of the company give some is donated for maintaining proper environment and healthy hydrosphere across the country. In this way Tata Steel is being socially responsible and contributing to the corporate social responsibility of the industry.
Sustainable development is necessary for the environment and it is often privatised in the industry today. Therefore, when a company practices sustainable development it is often given highest state in the corporate hierarchy because of date operation. From this evidence that can be proved that the companies that have sustainability policies are often given more priority by investors than the ones lacking the same. That is why in today's market sustainability is a key factor that might help a company to compete with other counterparts in the long run. Tata Steel exhibits sustainability policies for which it is often given priority by investors in the market. Consumers also find the companies exhibiting sustainability policies more attractive and trustworthy. This makes competition more efficient for the companies that have operations in alignment with the sustainable development for a sound society.
Labour condition application or LCA is a far better method than nearly looking at ca
on footprints for evaluating the sustainability projects of a company. By looking at ca
on footprints we can generalize operations of the company and their effect on the environment by the company. These effects can be traced in the atmosphere and hydrosphere and in the ecosystem to some extent (Pratap & Saha, 2016). However, long term effects of the operations...

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