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Essay instructions Exploring the Paradigm Wars in Organisation Theory The field of organisation theory is characterised as a fragmented body of knowledge, with many competing theories to explain...

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Essay instructions
Exploring the Paradigm Wars in Organisation Theory
The field of organisation theory is characterised as a fragmented body of knowledge, with many competing theories to explain organisational action.
Your task is to critically analyse the contribution that strategic choice and determinist theories (Resource Dependency Theory; Institutional Theory; Population Ecology) make to our understanding of organisational action.  Which perspective do you find most compelling - strategic choice or determinism?  Explain your reasoning.
Detailed instructions:
Write an essay-style response to this question, refe
ing to the cu
ent academic literature on this topic. You may find this resource on Essay Writing helpful.
This essay is a critical review of the influential ideas about the role of managers in shaping organsational outcomes.  Most critical essays follow this type of structure:
· Open the essay with a short introduction to the area.  
· Provide a response to the essay question.
· Provide a summary or 'road map' of your essay (a very
ief outline of what you will discuss)
Main body
The main body of your essay will consist of paragraphs, which are akin to building blocks in the construction of your argument.  Ensure that you:
· develop a discussion, informed by the key academics in the field, which answers the essay question
· demonstrate your knowledge of the field
· offer exposition and evidence to develop your arguments.  Evidence will be the references to seminal works and key empirical studies
· use relevant examples and authoritative quotes - however only use quotes for effect.  Excessive quoting does not demonstrate your understanding of the field.
· if your question has multiple parts, consider using subheadings to
eak up the text into a logical structure.
When structuring your paragraphs, remember that a paragraph is a related group of sentences that develops one main idea.  Each paragraph should contain:
· a topic sentence that states the main idea to be discussed
· supporting sentences, which explain and develop the point that you're making
· evidence - your points should be supported by evidence from your readings
· analysis - analyse and interpret the evidence. Consider the implications, significance and impact of what you have been discussing, and conclude the paragraph with a critical conclusion you have drawn from the evidence. 
In the conclusion, you need to:
· restate your response to the essay question
· summarise the main points
· finish with a
oad statement about the implications of the topic for practice.
· ensure you don't introduce any new information into the conclusion.
Make sure you cite and co
ectly reference your sources, using the Academy of Management referencing style.
Also, ensure that you understand the difference between quoting and paraphrasing.  For help with paraphrasing, see the Purdue Online Writing Lab.
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David answered on Dec 28 2019
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Exploring the Paradigm Wars in Organization Theory
The study associated with the organizations with the well identified structures can be done with greater ease with the adoption of organizational studies. The debate pertaining to the predominance of these approaches is crucial for the organizations and acknowledging the approaches tends to useful in the organizational arena. There is greater complexity that prevails within the environment of the organization. The reliance on the determinist theories - Resource Dependency Theory along with Population Ecology and Institutional theory provision a fair and considerable contribution while being critically analyzed. The essay provisions the understanding of the resource dependency theory and the manner in which the external resources for the organizations can be well acquired by the adoption of theory. The theory is crucial as the organization’s ability to gather, and exploit the raw materials available quicker than the various competitors in order to succeed. The essay also digs deep into the Institutional Theory with the reliance of institutional environment in the development of structures for the organization. The population ecology theory too studies the relevant dynamic changes within the various organizations present.
The success of organization associated with the resource dependency theory is termed as the maximization of the powers for the organizations (Wolf, 2014) (Malatesta, 2014) (Kozlenkova, 2014) (Shepherd, 2013) (Xia, 2014). The theory proposed that the actors that lack with respect to the essential resources would tend to seek the establishment of relationships. The dependency would prevail in order to obtain the required resources.
The alteration of the dependence relationship in the organization can be successfully achieved with the minimizing of the self-dependence or by having the other organizations too depend on them. Considering this perspective, the structure along with the behavioral pattern for the organizations is accomplished with the requirement of external resources (Wolf, 2014) (Malatesta, 2014) (Kozlenkova, 2014) (Shepherd, 2013) (Xia, 2014). The external resources acquisition required by the organization can be well achieved by reducing the dependence of organizations on others. The same can also be achieved by increasing the reliance of others and further leading to modifying the power of organization with respect to other organizations.
The Resource Dependency Theory has certain assumptions too. Whereas the organizations are expected to include the internal along with the external alliances, the social exchanges so formed influence the control behavior to a greater extent (Wolf, 2014) (Malatesta, 2014) (Kozlenkova, 2014) (Shepherd, 2013) (Xia, 2014). The environment is considered to encompass the valued resources which tend to be scarce....

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