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Class, Describe an experience as either a member of the in-group or out-group in an organization. Additionally, answer the following questions: How was this status decided? What were the benefits of...

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Describe an experience as either a member of the in-group or out-group in an organization. Additionally, answer the following questions:

  1. How was this status decided?
  2. What were the benefits of being in the in-group?
  3. What were the drawbacks of being in the out-group?
  4. How does the LMX theory help you understand your experience?
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Parul answered on Jun 20 2020
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Experience as a member of out-group in an organisation
When I had started my first job in a multinational IT organisation, I was a part of cross-functional team that was working in the together for a long time. Very excited to begin the new journey of my corporate life but I was disappointed to observe that there was an awkward atmosphere in the team towards me. Soon did I realised that its neither my fault nor the fault of other people in my team. Rather it was a clear application of theory that I studied in my social psychology class. Taking reference from “Leader-member exchange and citizenship behaviors: A meta-analysis” (Ilies, Nahrgang and Morgeson, 2007) since this theory was literally in play and behaviour of people towards me was centre towards leader-member exchange theory. When a new person joins the team, people who are already working there may feel insecure and uncomfortable with the presence. Something similar to this happened to me. Initially, my team members didn’t include me in any of the major discussions, assignments and project proposals. There was an uncanny and distu
ing feeling of not belonging to that place and to be invisible to others. Only real conversation I had with my manager and team was on the lunch table discussing about some trivial issues. It’s not that people disliked me however, since I was very new to the dynamics that was going before, it became very difficult to identify with everyone's preferences, likes, dislikes and personalities. I observed that there were some factors that were just out of my control like religion I believed in and my age and also my race. Always believed in never judging any person too soon I never blamed others for not including me in their discussions. I was considered as a part of out-group and to be honest, initially I felt unwelcomed and little out of place however, I never gave up. Always was an active listener to others and helped them whenever they required my assistance. Gradually but truly people started opening up to me not just with their work related problems but also issues that were bothering them in their personal lives. There were few people who started identifying...

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