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Case study Please read through the following Case Study situation. Reflect on your learning and your own research within this Unit. You have been hired as the Assistant Manager of the business...

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Case study

Please read through the following Case Study situation. Reflect on your learning and your own research within this Unit.

You have been hired as the Assistant Manager of the business (presented below). The Owner has requested you to prepare a comprehensive report about current services. He is keen to identify where issues are, and find out different customer service strategies which could be implemented. It is important to him and the business, that customer services are improved immediately.

Your response is to comprise a minimum of 1,000 words. This is not to include any attachments you may provide.


Jack Alexander has recently taken over ownership and management of a small leisure centre, consisting of a gym, swimming pool and cafe.

There are 25 existing employees, none of whom have received any customer service training. All staff appear to have different ideas of what customer service means.

The number of customers visiting the leisure centre has steadily declined over the past two years and Jack wants to turn this situation around.

Customers complaints about the irregular opening hours and poor services are being shared with staff, but these are not be reported or actioned. When customers are keen to purchase products, they are often out of date or not available.

The café seems to have very few visitors with customer feedback reflecting on poor menu choices and limited selections – especially for responding to different dietary requirement. Business is earning a very poor reputation for services on social media.

The staff are unhappy too, complaining that their roster changes regularly. They have never received any type of customer services training. They know that some of the equipment in the gym is not being used correctly – and is increasing the chances of risks.

Fully explain the situations and provide some options for the owner to consider. Include the need for a budget, and the importance of knowing that WH&S is being complied with when undertaking different jobs.

Provide some innovative ideas for improving current customer services.

Provide five (5) recommendations that the business could consider to resolve some of their problems – and improve their customer services.

Quality outcomes

Ensure that your submission is

(i) Grammatically correct

(ii) Error-free

(iii) In simple English

(iv) Comprises of an average of 15 words for each sentence and,

(v) There are separate paragraphs for each new content/topics or discussions. Include references to relevant legislation, which must be defined.

Attach any models, tools, resources which could be used in the organisation to improve the current services.

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Table of Contents
Introduction    2
Identifying the issues    2
Various customer service strategies    2
Implementing the latest strategy in the organisation    3
Conclusion    4
References    5
In case of running an organisation, customer satisfaction plays the important role. It helps to measure the effectiveness of the products and services provided by the organisation. The present case study is showing issues regarding customer service that is identified in the present study. In the next section, various customer service strategies are discussed. Implementation of the latest strategy in the organisation is discussed in the next section of the study.
Identifying the issues
The mentioned organisation of the case study is a leisure centre and Jack Alexander has taken over the organisation. The leisure centre provides various services to their customers that are gym, swimming pool and cafe, which helps the customers to reduce their stress and get a relaxing environment. There are only 25 employees in the organisation, who do not have suitable training to provide customer service appropriately. Since last two years, the customer base became na
ow and the market position and reputation of the organisation became reduced. The issues such as i
egular opening hours, obsolete products, dissatisfactory services, lack of awareness, lack of varieties in menu, product unavailability are identified from the case study. Most of the customers complained about the poor dietary requirement. The customers are complaining about these poor services on the social media sites. Due to these kinds of issues, the organisation is losing their valuable customers. Brohman et al. (2015) supported the statement and added that to retain the customer satisfaction, the staffs need training that can help them to reduce the issues. Moreover, the staffs are also dissatisfied due to the regular complaints of the customers and change in rosters regularly. The improper handling of the gym equipments is increasing the risk of injury that is also an issue for the organisation.
Various customer service strategies
Various customer service strategies can include:
Give training to the employees about excellent product knowledge: It is necessary to provide training to the employees regarding the products so that all of the employees can have excellent product knowledge. In this regard, Price et al. (2015) stated that when all of the employees have appropriate knowledge about products, it will help them to meet the needs of the customers. However, the...

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