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can it be done?

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can it be done?
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Akansha answered on Aug 20 2020
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PRoject Charte
Project Charte
Project Overview:    1
Project Background:    1
The vision of the organization:    1
Mission Of the organization:    1
Organizational Goals:    1
Project Scope:    1
Project Objectives:    1
Project Budget    2
Constraints, Assumptions, Risks, and Dependencies    2
Schedule for the Project:    3
Other Crucial activities within the project scope    3
Project development and management Methodology:    5
Governance    5
Roles and Responsibilities    5
Project Overview:
Project Title: Book House E-commerce site and Mobile Apps Re-engineering    
Project Start Date: April 20, 2018, Projected Finish Date: October 20, 2018
Budget Information: $800,000
Project Manager: Student_Name, Student_Phone, Student _E-mail
Project Background:
The project “Book House E-commerce site and Mobile Apps Re-engineering” is intended to optimize the business operations of the Book House Ltd. an organization operating as an online books retailer. With this project, the organization aims to optimize their cu
ent platform of e-commerce and integrate the use of machine learning for a recommendation system for the users or their potential customers. Under this project, the organization is looking forward to re-engineering their mobile application as well as their web-portal with dynamic and interactive features using new tools and technology. The organization intends to use machine learning to develop a personalized recommendations system and customer loyalty program for better market control.
The vision of the organization:
To become leading book retailer in Australia and New Zealand.
Mission Of the organization:
The organization intends to capture a bigger share in the market with the help of innovative and high-tech retail platform that gives them competitive edge using personalized customer attraction and service features.
Organizational Goals:
The key business and financial goals of the organization are:
· Becoming the leading book retailer in Australia and New Zealand.
· An increase of 5% in their annual revenue and profit margins for the next 5 years.
Project Scope:
The following elements detail the overall scope of the project under consideration:
Project Objectives:
As specified previously the project is intended to
ing optimization in the already existing e-commerce platform of the target organization. In addition to the technical objectives (detailed in requirements), the business-related objectives of the project can be
iefly explained as:
· Ensuring an encouraging environment for the business of Book Stores Ltd.
· Development of a platform that can attract and retain the customers for business growth.
· Increasing the customer base by the target figure of 50%.
· Increasing the customer conversion rate by a target figure of 25%.
· Increasing the revenue and profit margins of the organization.
Key Requirements:
· Development of an interactive User interface.
· Integration of the Machine learning module for customer engagements.
· Re-structuring of the platform database and backend.
· Development of an engaging and attractive front-end design for the web pages and Application. (Müller, 2015)
Project Budget
For the development of the project, the organization has a budget of $800,000. Following is a
ief Budget or expense planning for all the elements involved in the project.
Development Expenses:
Project Manager: $ $100000
Developers: $240000 ($60000* 4 (3 Developers and 1 Designer)
Testers: $ 110000...

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