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Assignment Title: Reflecting on Entrepreneurship Lessons "Supermarket Sweeps"/The Food that Built America,Individual Name and student number required on paper. Due Date: Nov 30th XXXXXXXXXX:59pm Word...

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Assignment Title: Reflecting on Entrepreneurship Lessons "Supermarket Sweeps"/The Food that Built America,
Individual Name and student number required on paper.

Due Date: Nov 30th XXXXXXXXXX:59pm

Word Count: 2000

Format: 12-point font, double-spaced, APA. Word Document to be submitted.

Grade Value: 10%

Reflection on "Supermarket Sweeps":

Discuss the entrepreneurship lessons and concepts covered in your class discussions. Include key points, theories, and insights shared by your instructor and fellow students. This section should serve as the foundation for your reflection on the movie.

Reflect on the entrepreneurship lessons you've learned in class and how they relate to the events, characters, and decisions depicted in the movie. Consider the following questions (as a start feel free to improvise others):

1. Identify Key Entrepreneurial Traits: Discuss the entrepreneurial traits and qualities exhibited by the key players and other characters in the film. How do these traits align with the lessons discussed in class?

2. Business Strategies: Analyze the business strategies employed by Kroger and Piggly Wiggly as they evolved and grew How do these strategies illustrate or challenge the concepts taught in class?

3. Innovation: How did these entrepreneurs come up with such revolutionary ideas?

4. Ethical Considerations: Explore any ethical dilemmas or considerations raised in the movie's entrepreneurial journey. How do these align with the ethical discussions in your class?

5. Challenges and Opportunities: Discuss the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the movie and how they overcame or failed to overcome these challenges.

Personal Insights:

Share your personal insights and perspectives on the entrepreneurship lessons derived from the movie and class discussions. Discuss any personal takeaways or realizations about entrepreneurship that you have gained through this assignment.


Include a list of references in APA style format for any sources you have cited in your paper, including the episode "Supermarket Sweeps" if applicable. In-text citations are required. Failure to use citations properly will result in a failing grade.

Submission Guidelines:

Ensure proper formatting, grammar, and spelling in your paper.

Cite all sources appropriately.

Submit your paper electronically according Bb in the dropbox.

Grading Criteria:

Your paper will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Personal reflection and critical thinking.

Understanding and incorporation of class discussion concepts.

Insightful analysis of the episode

Clear and well-structured writing. Proper citation and referencing.

Papers that can not demonstrate insight beyond a online movie review or Al generated material will not receive a passing grade.


/12-(as per above)

APA Citations

/8-Class discussion, text, and other sources, cited APA with intext citations.

Writing/Style/Clarity /5

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Supermarket Sweep        2
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Reflection    3
Strategies used in the documentary series    3
Kroger and Piggly Wiggly’s Marketing Strategies    6
Manners by which strategies work    9
Ethical dilemmas of entrepreneurs    10
Challenges faced by entrepreneurs    12
Overcoming challenges    13
Conclusion    15
References    16
With reruns in the 1960s, 1990s, early 2000s, and now in 2020, ABC is
inging back the popular game show "Supermarket Sweep" at 8 p.m. on Sundays, including new presenter Leslie Jones from "Saturday Night Live." A new generation of fans grew interested in the show's '90s incarnation after discovering reruns that were made accessible on Netflix throughout the summer. Each one-hour episode of the newest season of "Supermarket Sweep," which was filmed in a Santa Monica airport hangar using COVID-19 protocols in late July and early August, follows three teams of two as they try to use their grocery shopping prowess to find the priciest items in order to put their shopping cart to the highest total value and win cash prizes up to $100,000. Jones claimed that she wanted to modernize the program without changing its core ideas.
The presenter of this program was not employed as a host. A person who grew up enjoying this program and wishing it could be recreated exists. We genuinely think that grocery shop employees are what keep us alive and that this is a time to appreciate the grocery store. Leslie expresses gratitude to a genuine grocery store worker throughout the country in each episode. We have footage of them getting the good news and smiling, and she sends them $2,000 and a cute sweater. We sincerely hope the show mentions that we respect them.
Strategies used in the documentary series
Innovation Drives Growth
Supermarket firms were at the very front of innovation in the last part of the 1800s and early 1900s, however they today seem like dull, customary old-world corporations. Consider Nabisco, which is right now a piece of Mondelez (MDLZ). Crackers were then sold in huge amounts at your local grocery in ba
els. There are a few issues with this. At first, the crackers nearest to the base would go flat, old, and crushed ("lower part of the ba
el!"). Second, it was trying to
oadly scatter an item like this (Spoer, 2019).
Two creations were created by Nabisco to resolve the issue. In 1896, they were the first firm to bundle crackers in quite a while. This helped with settling the distribution issue, yet Honest Peters' development of wax paper covered confines 1900 — which safeguarded crackers for expanded timeframes — was the genuine major advantage. Nabisco had the option to get the national distribution that they had been alluding to thanks to this. Nabisco had the option to make a lot more exemplary merchandise, like Oreos, Triscuits, and Fig Newtons, in light of the fact that to the outcome of the Uneeda Bread roll.
Learning about this multitude of small advances is fairly intriguing. However it seems straightforward now, Henry Heinz's idea of placing ketchup in straightforward glass jugs to grandstand the item was weighty at that point (Yang, Samaranayake & Dogan, 2023). The lesson of the story is that businesses with a solid feeling of innovation will generally grow the quickest. Moreover, fast firm development normally co
esponds with quickly rising speculation levels. Look out for this pivotal element!
Thinking Big
Innovation is fabulous, yet to completely profit from it, businesses should think huge — huge! The Supermarket anecdote in the show is the best representation of this. Macintosh and Dick The "Speedee" technique created by Supermarket Sweep was an incredible innovation. Drive-in restaurants were famous at that point, however they were problematic and slow. Subsequent to attempting to procure a benefit while working a drive-in bar-b-que, Dick and Macintosh realized this. At the point when they took a gander at their deals, they found that 80% of deals were comprised of only a couple of things: milkshakes, soft drinks, fries, and cheeseburgers (an extraordinary illustration of the "Pareto Rule"). In light of this getting it, they made a proficient and fast to-serve framework that permitted purchasers to get administration in two or three seconds rather than at least thirty.
The U.S. interstate framework was simply getting moving on the web as of now,
inging about a new flood in vehicle travel all through the country. There was no requirement for voyagers to sit tight for food. While mobile sales rep Ray Kroc found the supermarkets, he was astonished by its speed and effectiveness. Ray Kroc had a thought immediately: establishment this the whole way across the US! In any case, the Supermarkets were reluctant to sell franchisees and were more wo
ied about keeping up with severe adherence to their recipe. However, they assented to allow Kroc to check it out.
We are mindful of what followed. Because of his tremendous achievement, Ray Kroc spread the thought all through the country and added his own novel twist to innovation — a landowner part of the franchising model. He in the long run developed to be adequately enormous to gain the supermarkets. His visionary leadership changed a critical development into a considerable multinational corporation. The White Palace anecdote exhibits the specific inverse of this (Reyad et al., 2019). Be that as it may, it has not been as effective in light of resistance to franchising and select, family-centred possession. Truth be told, CBS created a video making sense of why it never turned into a cross country establishment. The most surprising development results come about because of joining innovation with aggressive, grand targets.
Green Dot Principles Apply
The main finding, which likewise filled in as the reason for this piece, is that a significant number of these food and refreshment firms were developing considerably over 100 years back, and our three "green speck" standards — rising incomes/enormous market, repeating incomes, and canal — applied then too. Supermarkets without a doubt satisfied the previously mentioned "imagine something truly mind-blowing" and creative lessons. Like numerous different game shows, like Supermarket Sweep had two staff regulate these two lessons.
Like in the first iteration, each of the three teams began with a base time of one minute and thirty seconds. The base time was extended to two minutes in 2020. Contestants answered a series of questions over the course of three rounds, most of which focused on their familiarity with items available in grocery stores. A team's time bank gained 10 seconds for each right response. One team member answered the questions for the first two rounds, with the team members switching places after the first round. The tasks included recognizing a product whose letters were missing, identifying a product based on a set of facts, and identifying a product whose
and could be determined from an altered picture. Every now and again, inquiries would revolve around pop culture, films, or articles from newsstand tabloids (Prah & Sibiri, 2021). A few more queries concerned finding an item's pricing. This was achieved in several ways; two common ones included figuring out which of three items did not meet the specified requirements or which item was priced improperly. A staple in the second round allowed participants to extend their time banks by 30 seconds if each of the three contenders provided the right response.
Kroger and Piggly Wiggly’s Marketing Strategies
The three main goals of Kroger's marketing tactics are to provide value to its patrons, foster
and loyalty, and offer a customized shopping experience. The following are some of the main components of Kroger's marketing plan:
Customer Engagement:
The center of Piggly Wiggly and Kroger's shopper engagement approach is the Kroger In addition to dependability program, which furnishes clients with...

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