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Assessment 3 Detail For this assignment students will perform a critical analysis of selected e-commerce websites from around the world. 1. 2. 3....

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Assessment 3 Detail For this assignment students will perform a critical analysis of selected e-commerce websites from around the world. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. PART A: Perform a literature review of critical factors/attributes that make the above ecommerce sites successful. As part of your research, you should focus on a number of attributes such as the web site design, ease of use, information quality, trustworthiness, security, payment options and social network presence. Employ at least five reference articles in your review. Create an evaluation matrix based on the factors you uncovered in your literature review. You should group similar attributes in a number of key categories. It is important to include a quantitative method for evaluating each attribute such as a score out of 5. Please read the following article on how to setup a scoring matrix: Part B: Use your evaluation matrix to critically appraise the top 10 e-commerce sites in Australia. After completing the matrix for each of the sites, you need to justify why you gave the scores including examples of best practice, and comparisons between the same attributes on different sites. As part of the discussion, you may refer to additional sources and provide links to appropriate sections of those sites to highlight good or bad design. The report should be presented professionally, have a cover page, table of contents, introduction include Part A literature review and Part B evaluation of the 10 websites. In the appendix you should place your final evaluation matrix. References should be included using the Harvard method.
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Table of Contents
Part A Literature Review    3
Evaluation Matrix of Global Ecommerce companies    4
Part B Evaluation    8
Appendix    11
Appendix 1    11
Scoring Matrix of Global Ecommerce Companies    11
Appendix 2    11
Scoring Matrix of Top 10 Ecommerce Australian Companies    11
References    13
Part A Literature Review
The ecommerce industry growth globally was valued at $13 trillion as of 2021. Further, it is expected to grow to $55.6 billion by 2027. The CAGR growth due to this increase would be around 27.4%. ecommerce industry refers to the transaction of goods and services which are done electronically via internet. Further, there are numerous ecommerce platforms in the world which sells its products and services online and supports the customers by home delivery of the products. Further, these companies have unique payment methods for purchase of the goods. There basic business models used by the ecommerce platforms are the B2B, B2C and C2C. Further, these ecommerce companies provide various benefits to the retailers in the form of global reach, higher profits, low transaction costs and increase in the
ands of the company. There are various types of goods which are delivered to the customers through these ecommerce platforms such as books, health, beauty products, groceries, apparel, electronics and home décor products (Imarc, 2022). There are different attributes which help an ecommerce company to succeed in the future. The first is web design which gives the users and experienced and also helps to improve the productivity. A high-quality experience to the users through images and graphics can help to attract the users (Zhang, 2011). The information technology is not easy to use then it’s of no use. Similarly, ecommerce is a part of IT and must be created in such a manner such that it is easy to use (Davis, 1986). The service quality of an ecommerce company can be measured on how efficiently the information is provided to the internal, external and third parties. This creates trust among the customers and they are able to share the personal information and establishes customer loyalty (Chiu et al., 2009). It is due to insecurity and disrespect with respect to the privacy the consumers do not trusts the ecommerce sites (Smith, R., and Shao J., 2007). Using the e-payment options benefits the payee, payers, banks, the ecommerce sites by in various ways. It helps to make the transaction easier, fast, time and cost savings and increases the trust between the consumers and the ecommerce companies (Qatawneh, Aldhmour & Alfugara, 2015). Finally, it’s the social media presence of the ecommerce site which helps to share the updated information, provide high-quality experiences and various perspectives to the customers (Weinberg, 2009). It was in the year 2020, the demand of online purchase and ecommerce companies which have increased due to the covid19 global pandemic situation. The US ecommerce depicts are sales of 16.1% and amounting to $1.06 trillion as on 2022. Further, the ecommerce sales by product category were highest for computer and electronic products. It was a mammoth $96.03 billion sales in terms of computer and electronics products in US as on 2021. Over the past two year, it was the electronics, home furniture and construction materials which saw nearly double sales and was at 201.4% in the year 2019 (Goldberg, 2022). It will be apparel sector which is considered as the fastest growing class yet the demand for entertainment will still persist in the years to come. In the entertainment segment it will be the books, music and online videos along with computer and electronic products still continue to grow. Further, the ecommerce sales are expected to cross $6 trillion in US by 2024 (Phaneuf, 2022).
Evaluation Matrix of Global Ecommerce companies
    Website Design
    Ease to use
    Information quality
    Trust worthiness
    Payment options
    Social network presence
    Meagre website designing
    Simple to handle
    Qualitative information
    Is unsecured and allows spams
    Debit and credit card and COD
    Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr
    As if the online store is real
    User friendly
    High quality information and updated
    Provides delivery of goods within 2 days
    Secured in terms of transaction
    COD, e-gift cards, credit and debit cards
    Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn
    Customized website
    Safe and easy to use
    Quality information
    High reputable and trusted
    Two-way authentication for security
    Applepay, Western Union Transfer, PayPal and credit card and Boleto
    Tencent and WeChat
    Good graphics used
    Services with vernacular languages
    Highly trustworthy
    Authentic products
    Secures personal information and data
    Debit and credit cards, e-gift card and COD
    Facebook, Google AdSense and blogging
    Prudent website design
    Users able to access website easily
    Highly purposeful information
    Customer rating is 3.62 of 5 on trustworthiness
    Protects against cyber hacking
    PayPal and debit cards
    Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
    Great design of the site
    Easy to use
    High quality information available
    Reliable company
    Hitech software used to secure the site
    Provision to pay later, PayPal and debit/ credit card options
    Facebook, Twitter and other social media...

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