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You have been asked to develop a consumer treatment plan with evidence based literature to support the approach chosen. Provide at least 3 identified nursing diagnoses, any specialised assessment/s,...

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You have been asked to develop a consumer treatment plan with evidence based literature to support the approach chosen. Provide at least 3 identified nursing diagnoses, any specialised assessment/s, evaluation outcomes and recommendations for treatment for one of the case studies examined this semester. A person diagnosed with an eating disorder, personality disorder, somatoform disorder, dual diagnosis or dual disability. The treatment recommendations need to involve biological, psychological and social aspects. The template for the plan needs to include a description of the case study (not included in the word count), the treatment setting (not included in the word count) and the role of the nurse. Use evidence to support the treatment approach and the role of the nurse. The assignment does not have to be in an essay format, however the evidence that supports the plan needs to be detailed in a paragraph format and referenced accordingly.

The template for the assessment is provided as an attachment.

Reading material examples: XXXXXXXXXX

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Student name, student no.
Template for the proposed management plan
    The case study pertains to a 24- year old named Lizzie who had a ten year old history of anorexia nervosa. She had been hospitalised to the acute mental health unit for the third time in an eighteen month span. Time and again, She had been hospitalised due to her illness. However, her weight had not normalised. She had no terms with her family and was being counselled since five years. Two years before, she had been sexually abused that worsened her situation.
Though she was undergoing inpatient treatment, considering the multi factorial nature of anorexia nervosa, an integrated therapy, involving family, society and medical professionals would be more suitable.
    Over the next 3 months
    Biological, psychological, social intervention proposed and rationale
    Expected outcome and evaluation approach
    Evaluation of the central, major problem faced by the individual.
    This part does not have to be filled out – it would be completed with the person
    The nurse could help the patient evaluate their own goals by questioning and interviewing them. This would allow the patients to reconsider their conditions and find out the major areas of problem.
    Nursing diagnoses identified and goals
Questionnaires to gain insight into case history of patient as well as measuring other parameters of weight, BMI, hormonal levels, food allergies menstrual health.
Eating disorder is caused by a consortium of genetic and biological factors. Investigating the familial propensity towards the disease as well as the functioning of hypothalamus which controls stimuli of hunger as well as satiation. Certain neurotransmitters like serotonin also affect eating disorders.
    Expected outcome and evaluation tools
A proper understanding of the various biological factors contributing to the disease would help indicate the possible medications and treatments to cure the disorder.
    Use of Body Image Assessment (BIA), Body Shape Questionnaire (BSQ), Body Attitude Test (BAT) to assess body perception. Use of Ba
att Impulsiveness Scale, State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, Hamilton Depression Rating Scale ad International Personality Disorder Examination Scales for evaluating signs of impulsiveness, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem.
In eating disorders, the patient tends to develop a number of psychological conditions including low self-esteem, increasing anxiety, feeling of worthlessness, low self-confidence, increased anxiety as well as i
ational behaviour. The patient tends to be depressed and develops suicidal tendencies.

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