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please read all instructions on how to do assignment watch the videos and examples this will help as previously assignments done were failed due to not understanding assignment. This is a mental...

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Case Scenario
Client name: Jane Doe
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Jane Doe is a 28-year-old female who was bought to hospital by ambulance when she was found
unning barefoot on a highway in the middle of the night. She has been admitted to the mental
health unit. She has no significant medical history and does not use any substances.
According to her mother in the last month there has been a sudden change in her behaviour. She
has been expressing paranoid beliefs and has begun staying in her room all day praying. The family
eports that she often talks to herself and will laugh or yell for no reason. She sometimes says things
as if she is speaking to someone. For instance, yesterday she yelled “I told you already! Leave me
alone!” When her mother asked who she was talking to, she didn’t respond.
She is also extremely suspicious of other people, including her own siblings and friends, but she still
trusts her mother. Jane states that the devil has possessed her family members and is trying to kill
her. During conversation, she often jumps from one unrelated topic to another, and it is very difficult
to understand what she is saying.
Her mother states that Jane has never behaved like this before. However, she does admit that over
the last 6-7 months, Jane has become increasingly superstitious and isolative, and that her mood has
een quite low. She has been showering less frequently and she also quit her job at ANZ bank,
stating that she felt overwhelmed and couldn’t keep up with the workload. About 5 months ago,
Jane stopped playing soccer, which she used to love, and she also stopped going out and seeing her
friends. She used to be very outgoing and social.
Jane’s mother is very religious and she believes that her daughter has been cursed by her ex-
husband. She would like a priest to perform an exorcism on her daughter, and is giving Jane holy
water to drink. She is very distrustful of medications and of Doctors, and doesn’t want Jane to stay in
hospital. She insists that her church can help Jane and the Doctors cannot. She is observed telling
Jane “just keep praying. God will save you”. Jane also wants an exorcism and states that the devil is
controlling her mind. She is refusing to eat or to take any medications, stating that she doesn’t trust
the nurses or Doctors.
Jane’s mother gave birth to Jane at the age of 40. She said it was a very difficult pregnancy and she
was born preterm at 32 weeks. Jane suffered abuse from her father up until the age of 11, when her
mother moved her and her siblings to Australia. She has not seen or spoken to her father since then.
Jane did well at school and started working at ANZ bank after high school. She always had a large
group of friends, but always suffered from low self-esteem and anxiety. She was always a
perfectionist. She has always had a strong faith in God and is a member of Hillsong, a large
evangelical church.
1. Explain how Jane meets the criteria for schizophrenia in the DSM 5. Give details of the
symptoms experienced (300 words)
2. Watch the video of an interview with Jane and write an MSE (300 words)
3. Choose one biological, social or psychological factor that may have increased Jane’s risk of
developing schizophrenia. Use research to support your ideas (400 words)
4. Discuss 2 nursing interventions that will help Jane’s recovery. You should define the
intervention and discuss why it will help Jane, including any limitations. Use research and the
case study to support your ideas (1000 words)
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to follow the word limit for each section?
No, this is a guide only. However, your word count should not be too dissimilar. For instance,
if you write only 300 words for question 4, and 1000 words for question one, you will likely
loose marks as section 4 requires a more detailed response.
In what format should I answer question 1?
You can write in a paragraph or using dot points. Refer to the video for information on this.
What do you mean by ‘nursing intervention’?
A nursing intervention is something that nurses do with patients. Think, what can the nurse
do that will help Jane in her recovery?
I want to suggest art therapy/CBT/ECT etc.... is that a nursing intervention?
Anything that the nurses can do or be a part of would come under nursing intervention. Your
focus should be on explaining the intervention, discussing the evidence for or against it
(research) and telling me why it is suitable for Jane.
I am feeling lost, what do I do?
Email your unit coordinator Sarah on XXXXXXXXXX
I don’t know how to write an academic assessment and/or do referencing
Contact the li
ary or the learning support service at CDU for help with academic writing and
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Solution 1: Criteria for Schizophrenia in the DSM-5:
Jane Doe a 28-year-old female got admitted to hospital and is being suffering with psychological problems. It was understood that these symptoms are persistent from past 6-7 months as reported by her mother. The psychotic symptoms reported are not related to any substance usage. From the case study analysis of Jane, it was understood that based on the following symptoms that she is suffering with Schizophrenia DSM-5. Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder is associated with the symptoms of delusions, negative symptoms, hallucinations and disorganized speech must be present from past few months.
1. Delusions: Jane displays paranoid delusions, thinking that devil has possessed family members and god is trying to help her to protect her family members. This false belief provides a clear evidence of delusions.
2. Hallucinations: Hallucinations are perception-like experiences without giving any external stimulus. In the present case study of Jane, it is clear that Jane is experiencing auditory hallucination-that is she is assuming that god is talking to her and helping to protect from devil.
3. Disorganized Thinking (Speech): From the video it is evident from her behaviour that she is assuming someone and trying to talk with that person which is a clear indication of disorganized speech.
4. The abnormal motor activity and running barefoot is indication of catatonic behaviour. All day prayers to protect the family members is a catatonic behaviour.
5. The negative symptoms of social withdrawal, reduced motivation etc. reflect that there is a change in performing day-to-day activities which is most commonly observed in schizophrenia.
6. occupational dysfunction i.e. quit job, stopped playing soccer and not socializing with friends.
No history of other disorders such as autism spectrum disorder is reported from the case study analysis. These symptoms of delusions, hallucinations and disorganized speech are being observed from almost 6 months indicating schizophrenia, needs a quick intervention for faster recovery.
Solution 2: Mental Status Examination (MSE)
Physical Appearance: Jane appears disheveled, with poor hygiene. From the video it is understood that Jane is visibly anxious, tensed, scared during the interview.
Behavior: It is clearly visible during the interview that Jane is scared, tensed and restless. During the interview it was observed that she occasionally looks around and talks to someone, and inte
upting herself during the speech.
Speech distu
ance: There is a change in the speech, frequently jumping from one topic to other during the conservation. Her speech is pressurized and fast.
State of mind: Jane reports feeling te
ified because of devil and restless as she is doing continuous prayers. Blunted behaviour with the improper speech during the conversation is observed.
Thought process: It is clearly evident from the video interview that there is a disruption in the thinking manner of Jane. She displayed the symptoms of hallucination while answering the questions to doctor, stated that devil has possessed her family and god is helping her to protect her family from devil.
Thought process: The thought process of the Jane is disorganized where she exhibited paranoid delusions thinking that devil is possessed family.
Perception: There is a change in the mental behaviour experiencing hallucinations, stating that god is directing her to protect the family.
Jane confused behaviour and feared when asked question about with whom you are talking seems befuddled. Besides this behaviour she answered the question asked during the interview.
Insight: Jane don’t have any knowledge about her mental stability. She is not perceiving that her assumptions are side-effects of the psychological problems she is being suffering with.
Judgment: A debilitated behaviour is observed when she is bought to the hospital. The debilitated behaviour is observed by running on bare foots, refusal to take medications and eat food.
Solution 3: Risk Factor: History of Abuse
The main psychological factor that has shown impact on the present condition of Jane-risk of developing Schizophrenia is because of childhood abuse. It is also evident from the published literatures that trauma because of childhood abuse is one of the most prominent factors in developing the diseases like schizophrenia and poor mental health.
In the present scenario, Jane father has abused her...

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